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Vic Branch: Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group Meeting

Event Details
Date: 19 February 2019
Time: 6:30 -7:30pm
State: Victoria
Organiser: AASW
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The purpose of the group is to build skills, and knowledge, and to provide a forum for discussing the social work perspective in using yoga and mindfulness practices in working with individuals and groups/communities.

The group will aim to engage in a broad range of activities drawing upon the expertise and interests of members such as: peer support, fostering networking and the opportunity to discuss professional issues for social workers with an interest and/or experience in yoga and mindfulness practices.

Sharing of contemporary and relevant information, resources (for clients and practitioners), research literature and continuing professional development opportunities. Plan, develop and provide advice to the AASW on continuing professional development activities or research that encourages the development and continuation of social work skills in the area of yoga and mindfulness practices (e.g. mental health, education, trauma, justice, aged care, asylum seekers and refugees).

The SWYMPG meetings and peer supervision sessions are proudly organised by the Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group. To see more information or get involved visit the Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group web page.

Who should attend?

Practice Group membership is open to social workers. The Practice Group currently does not have a paid membership base. Non-AASW members welcome to attend.


This supervision takes place by teleconference.

Please contact the Convenors Linda or Andrew at or email AASW Vic Branch at or phone 9320 1012 for the teleconference phone number and participant passcode.


Register on the right hand side of this page.
No cost to attend.
1.5 CPD hours. Category 2: Skills and Knowledge/Practice Group Discussions
Non-AASW members welcome to attend.

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