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Vic Branch: Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group Meeting

Event Details
Date: 30 April 2019
Time: 6:30 -7:30pm
Venue: Via video-conference
State: Victoria
Organiser: AASW
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Exploring the research terrain of Yoga and Mindfulness in Social Work

Acknowledging that incorporating yoga and mindfulness into social work practice is a relatively new area of interest in social work, Jo will address why this maybe so before exploring some of what currently exists. She will be focusing on social work literature rather than incorporating other research that substantiates the effectiveness of yoga in medicine, psychology or other allied health disciplines.

There will be opportunity for questions and to share research that jo may have missed.

Guest Speaker

During Dr Jo Mensinga's 15 years in direct practice before joining the University sector, Jo specialised in relationship counselling but was also actively involved in women’s issues, child abuse and domestic violence. She joined the staff at CQU in the late 1990s as the Field Education co-ordinator and moved to JCU in Cairns as a lecturer in 2007. She has researched in the area of social work professional practice including child protection decision-making, mentoring, supervision practices, and practitioner learning and development. Jo has also explored social work career choice and decision-making processes. From this collection of work Jo has developed an interest in body-reflexivity.

Jo is also a qualified yoga teacher with a diploma from the International Yoga Teachers Association. She has undertaken study tours to the United States and Italy examining trauma and its impact on professional reflection and the use of yoga as an intervention. Her current interest is researching the contribution yoga can make to practitioner reflection and well-being. A brief video providing an insight into Jo’s work can be found at

JCU Social Work lecturer Dr Jo Mensinga says yoga is an important part of her practice both personally and professionally and has started running trauma-debriefing yoga classes with a Cairns colleague. Find out more about Jo and her research at


The purpose of the group is to build skills, and knowledge, and to provide a forum for discussing the social work perspective in using yoga and mindfulness practices in working with individuals and groups/communities.

The group will aim to engage in a broad range of activities drawing upon the expertise and interests of members such as: peer support, fostering networking and the opportunity to discuss professional issues for social workers with an interest and/or experience in yoga and mindfulness practices.

Sharing of contemporary and relevant information, resources (for clients and practitioners), research literature and continuing professional development opportunities. Plan, develop and provide advice to the AASW on continuing professional development activities or research that encourages the development and continuation of social work skills in the area of yoga and mindfulness practices (e.g. mental health, education, trauma, justice, aged care, asylum seekers and refugees).

The SWYMPG meetings and peer supervision sessions are proudly organised by the Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group. To see more information or get involved visit the Social Work Yoga and Mindfulness Practice Group web page.

Who should attend?

Practice Group membership is open to social workers. The Practice Group currently does not have a paid membership base. Non-AASW members welcome to attend.


This meeting takes place by video-conferencing.

Details will be emailed to you by the Convenor/s the day before this event.

Should you need please contact the Convenors Linda or Andrew at or email AASW Vic Branch at or phone 9320 1012.


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No cost to attend.
1.5 CPD hours. Category 2: Skills and Knowledge/Practice Group Discussions
Non-AASW members welcome to attend.

Register by 29 April 2019.

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