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Working therapeutically with complex trauma clients (Level 2) three phased approach

Event Details
Date: 31st OCT - 1st NOV
Venue: Newcastle, NSW
CPD hrs: 14

Standard Price: $650

Group (3 or More) - $550

Organiser: Blue Knot Foundation

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This training is designed for practitioners who work in a counselling and/or therapeutic relationship with complex trauma clients, and utilise clinical assessment, case formulation and treatment/care planning in their daily practice. This two-day interactive professional development training presents the three-phased approach for working ‘bottom up and top down’ with clients who have complex trauma histories. Informed by current research, it assumes foundational knowledge around complex trauma, trauma-informed practice, attachment theory and affective neuroscience, and builds on it.

Day 1 presents strategies for Phase 1 work; Safety and Stabilisation and introduces Phase 2; Trauma Processing. It focuses on whole of body i.e. somatic, emotional and cognitive approaches to assessment resource building and trauma processing. Day 2 workshops strategies for tracked, paced and titrated phase 2 work, informed by an understanding of traumatic memory and explores Phase 3; Integration, building your skills to better support your clients to integrate their trauma into their ‘life story’, engage actively in their daily life and strengthen their sense of self.

The training promotes the critical importance of phase 1 work - attending to safety and self-regulation at all times - and the centrality of a healthy therapeutic alliance.

Learning objectives

By participating in this professional development training, attendees will:

  • Delineate the three phases of safe trauma treatment establishing the critical importance of phase 1, ‘setting the scene’ and conducting phase 1 assessment
  • Foster techniques and strategies to build and restore resources across 7 domains of internal and external safety
  • Apply an understanding of attachment dynamics to the importance of attuning to attachment at all times, including working with dissociation
  • Acquire knowledge and skills around core components of phase 2 trauma work including working with non-verbal cues and the body
  • Apply an understanding of traumatic memory and working within the window of tolerance for safe trauma processing
  • Workshop strategies for working with transference/countertransference, enactments and ‘difficult behaviours’
  • Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of the core components of integration including mentalising, meaning making & the ability to experience pleasure
  • Material presented in the training will draw on research from Blue Knot Foundation's Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery and other relevant research.

Location and date

Apollo International Hotel

31 October - 1 November 2019


Standard Price: $650

Group (3 or More) - $550



p: 02 8920 3611


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