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Online Community Rules

1. Kindly respect everyone’s privacy. Being part of a community hub requires mutual trust. Authentic discussions may also be sensitive and private. If discussions extend to clients, organisations and or persons, do not identify and/or name, and do not disclose personal details. What is shared in this hub should stay in the hub.

2. Any information shared on this group that contravenes the privacy of other AASW members, clients, schools, organisations, professionals and members of the public, will be removed.

3. Please exercise sensitivity and respect when utilising the Community Hub, with reference to the AASW Code of Ethics 2010, the AASW Statement of Member Conduct, and any relevant Government or Organisational privacy and statutory guidelines.

4. Any posts or comments which breach these rules will be reviewed by the AASW Hub Administrators to determine whether further action, or elevation of matters within the Association is necessitated. This may include removal from the group in serious circumstances.

5. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. Participation over promotion is the intention. Posts that promote a member’s private business, products or services will be removed from the group, as well as any activity that can be reasonably interpreted as self-promotion for the purpose of AASW electioneering. Conduct/actions construed as electioneering may constitute a breach of the AASW By-Laws to the AASW Constitution, specifically Clause 36, which states that Social Work resources may not be used for electioneering purposes other than as described in the By-Laws.

6. This is a support hub for AASW Members. Posts and comments should ask for genuine advice, assistance and/or feedback.

7. No bullying, shaming or defaming language is allowed. Everyone deserves to feel safe. Language with the potential to harm, mock or defame others will not be tolerated. The AASW reserves the right to respond to defamation in the event of this occurrence.

8. Be accountable, proactive and transparent. If you are unsure if a post or comment falls outside of the AASW Community Hub guidelines, please contact the Administrators via We look forward to you helping to shape our community.

9. This hub does not replace the normal ways you communicate with the AASW directly. This is not a space to communicate directly to the Board or CEO but is primarily a peer practice community. The AASW will provide moderation, but will not be responsive to personal questions, queries or other matters that should otherwise be directed to appropriate teams within the Association for a direct response.

10. Engagement in this group is not a replacement for, nor does it constitute social work supervision. Information about how participation in this Community can be recorded for AASW CPD purposes (under Category 3: Professional Identity) is available via the AASW CPD policy. Further enquiries can also be directed to

11. The AASW understands that sensitive discussion may take place in these groups, particularly in the discussion of complex practice issues and self-care. The AASW is committed to respecting all members’ privacy and providing a space for authentic supportive discussion. However in instances where the Association assesses that a member’s wellbeing may be at risk or a cause for concern, it reserves the right to contact the member directly outside the group, and in extreme cases, to make a report to an appropriate body as per statutory reporting requirements, if a member’s wellbeing is assessed as being at high risk.

12. If members are concerned about the welfare, wellbeing or behaviour of another member as evidenced via this member’s engagement in the Community, they should contact

13. Students must note that any information shared on this group that i) supports academic plagiarism and collusion, or ii) contravenes the privacy of, and/or defames other students, clients, and staff members from organisations and/or Higher Educational Providers (HEPs) will be removed. Student members should refer to the AASW Statement of Member Conduct, and the Academic Integrity guidelines available via their HEP. The AASW also reserves the right to contact the relevant HEP if necessitated.

14. The AASW is not responsible nor liable for the third-party content shared by members on the Community Hub. Before content is posted to the Hub, members must ensure they have permission (where appropriate) from the content creator or copyright holder to share content, unless the content has open copyright, or the copyright is owned by the member. The AASW is not liable for any third-party content shared or used by members via the Hub.

15. Further, it is the responsibility of members to determine whether they have appropriate permission and/or copyright to utilise content shared on the Hub. In the instance of content developed by members, permission should be sought directly from the member before it utilised outside of the Hub community.

16. The AASW may provide links to third party websites (Linked Sites). Unless otherwise noted on a Linked Site, Linked Sites are not reviewed, controlled or examined by the AASW in any way. The provision of links to Linked Sites does not mean that the AASW endorses, recommends, or has any association with these Sites, or the relevant third-party goods and services. Members acknowledge and agree that the AASW is not responsible for the content, availability, advertising, products, services or other materials of any Linked Sites, or any additional links contained therein, or the conduct of any person associated with a Linked Site. As Linked Sites may be subject to their own terms and conditions of use and privacy policies, also members acknowledge their responsibility to review and comply with those terms and conditions, and that the AASW has no responsibility for a member’s actions when using a Linked Site.

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