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Ineligible for Membership

Serious ethical misconduct may result in a social worker being deemed ineligible for AASW membership under the AASW Code of Ethics and/or AASW Constitution.

For more information about the Ethics Complaints Management Process please go to:

The following social workers are ineligible for AASW membership:

First Name Last Name State
Kingi Arapeta NSW
Luke Austin VIC
Ross Bell NSW
David Bonython-Wright SA
Michael Bradford VIC
Shane (AKA David) Casey (AKA Carney) NSW
Robert Ferguson NSW
Andreas Kirbach NSW
Paul Millar QLD
Lindsay Otter NSW
Frank Tesoriero SA
Teodulfo (Teddy) Tinambacan QLD
Lowarn (AKA Joe) Tirrell


Vittorio Porrovecchio


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