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How to make an Ethics Complaint

Updated AASW Ethics Complaints Management Process

An updated and strengthened AASW Ethics Complaints Management Process (ECMP) became operational from 7 October 2020.

The core changes to the revised ECMP include the following:

  • A broader remit to address low and mid-level allegations, as well as allegations of serious professional misconduct
  • Provisions for mediation and early conciliation
  • Strengthened processes to ensure more timely and effective management of complaints, including a newly appointed Ethics Council.

For further information:

Making a Complaint

The AASW ECMP allows relevant persons to lodge complaints of professional misconduct against AASW members.

Step 1.
Please read the Complaints Form, Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Step 2.
Complete, date and sign the Complaints Form.

Step 3.
Complete the Third Party Authority Form if required.

Step 4.
Provide any relevant evidence to support your complaint (please note further information may also be provided later in the process if you don't have this information at the time of your complaint lodgement)

Step 5.
Please submit your signed and completed Complaints Form (and all other supporting documentation) via email to

(If required the AASW will accept complaints via post to PO Box 2008, Royal Melbourne Hospital Victoria 3050)

If you need further assistance with the Complaints Form

The AASW Ethics Office may provide further information about the complaints process.

However, the Ethics Office cannot provide advice or opinions regarding the potential jurisdiction or suitability of your complaint matter, or any information regarding the potential resolution or outcomes specific to your complaint.

The Ethics Complaints Team can be contacted at or via telephone 03 9320 1044.

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