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AASW Membership Renewals

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With more than 16,000 members, the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) continues to strive to promote the social work profession, advance social justice, uphold standards and to build the capacity of members. We advance our profession through knowledge, expertise and a commitment to the people we work with, their families and the community.

Note: Membership fees that are paid before 30 June 2022 may be tax deductible.

AASW Credential Holders

In addition to renewing their AASW Membership, current credential holders will also need to renew their AASW Credential Membership. In order to maintain an AASW Credential, you are required to:

  • Meet your annual CPD requirements
  • Meet your recency of practice requirements
  • Renew your annual AASW Membership and pay the associated fee each financial year
  • Renew your annual AASW Credential Membership and pay the associated fee each financial year

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Reasons to Renew

information on the range of benefits and services that AASW membership entitles you to

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Renewal Process

Detailed information and instructions on how to renew your AASW membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

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