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New application forms

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online application form for Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

We have received an unprecedented number of applications to become an AMHSW in the last three months - more than three times the number of previous years. This has prompted us to undergo a thorough review of the application process, with the objective of maintaining high standards, streamlining the process for applicants and more efficient and expedient outcomes. In addition to introducing a new online system, we have employed more resources in the Professional Standards and Assessment team to assist with processing applications.

The new system and extra resource is designed to help members get outcomes in a timely manner, while not compromising on standards.

As we work through the backlog of applications, we thank you for understanding.

We have been working with a developer to implement new online application forms for:

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • Accredited Clinical Social Worker (Coming soon)
  • Accredited Family Violence Social Worker (Coming soon)
  • Reinstatement of your lapsed credential. (Coming soon)

We know there is a lot of information to include in the online application process for our credentials.

The PDF versions required a lot of additional information to be attached and it was easy to forget to include these with your submission.

We were seeing incomplete applications in the majority of the applications we received which could make the assessment process unnecessarily long.

Our new forms include validation steps to check your application for completeness.

Helpful tool tips also assist in interpreting expected responses.

We have also used this opportunity to align all of our credential assessment processes.

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker applications are no longer be accepting Case Studies in Criteria 5 with the application and instead require you to complete the case study responses using an invigilator under test conditions.

If you are part way through completing your application on our old PDF application forms, do not worry. The content of the forms remains unchanged, all you need to do is copy and paste the work you have completed into the new online application process.

You will have the additional convenience of validating your submission for completeness and that may speed up the assessment process.


We have moved to Case Studies performed under test conditions using an invigilator to:

  • Align and maintain the integrity of our credentials
  • Bring our forms in line with other associations

The case study format remains unchanged but different case studies will be provided.

You will be required to complete a case study-based assessment to demonstrate your breadth of clinical knowledge. This will be conducted at a date and time of your choice which can be during working hours or on the weekend/outside of normal work hours. You will be allocated 15 minutes reading time and then 3 hours to complete these case studies .  
You will need to nominate an invigilator who can supervise you for the duration of the test. Your invigilator cannot be a family member, spouse/partner or a direct report. You may use a supervisor or manager in your workplace, a colleague outside your team, a Justice of the Peace (JP), or anybody who you can engage that you do not have a personal relationship with, such as an acquaintance.

The AASW will make contact with the Invigilator prior to the test to clarify their role and verify their identity.

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