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How do our fees compare?

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How does AASW membership pricing compare?

We have developed the following table to showcase how AASW membership prices compare with similar associations:

How does AASW membership compare in 2022?

This chart is based on estimates which are equivalent to the protection that AASW insurance coverage provides. That is: $20 million of professional indemnity insurance and $20 million of public liability insurance for a person deriving most of their income from private practice, which is the highest risk group. The estimates also assume that the person is a member of their relevant professional body, and that lowers the cost of insurance for those professions significantly. For example, a psychologist who is not a member of APS could expect to pay around $1600 for equivalent insurance cover. For fairness, we compare ourselves to two other self-regulated professions (dietitians and speech pathologists) and three registered professions (psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists). The chart above is based on the table below:

How do AASW membership fees compare?

Association Full fee Insurance Total
AASW $725.00 Included $725.00
Dietitians Australia $760.00 $575.30 $1,335.30
Speech Pathology Australia $557.00 $484.30 $1041.30
Australian Psychological Society $708.00 $604.30 $1,312.30
Occupation Therapy Australia $519.00 $299.00 $818.00
Australian Physiotherapy Association $1,055.00 Included $1,055.00

How do we compare for graduates?

Did you know that our graduate member type also includes insurance? It is essential to take advantage of the free upgrade from student member when you graduate from your social work degree, so that your insurance kicks in, as well as being able to access all the support we can offer you at this critical stage of your career. Here is how we compare to similar associations:

A bar chart depicting how AASW compares to other member types of graduate membership

Dietitians Australia does not have a graduate member type. The above graph is based on the figures below.

How does AASW compare for graduates?

Association Fee Insurance Total
AASW $196.00 Included $196.00
Speech Pathology Australia $139.00 $484.30 $623.30
Australian Psychological Society $354.00 $604.27 $958.27
Occupational Therapy Australia $350.00 $299.42 $649.42
Australian Physiotherapy Association $475.00 $255.00 $730.00

Cost of insurance as an individual versus under an AASW policy

In the open market, the minimum premium for Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability (including all government fees and broker charges) would begin at around $1,600 based on a $20 million Professional Indemnity and $20 million Public Liability limit, and premiums will increase as the PI limit goes up.

Insurance is included for eligible AASW Members; this means a Full Fee Member is saving at least $775 per annum on insurance. Plus, members also have access to other great benefits and services offered by the AASW!

I am insured through my employer, why do I need insurance cover through the AASW?

Insurance through the AASW is similar to a safety net - you may never need it, but it's always there in case you do!

The AASW policy would respond in the event that the alternative employer’s policy did not indemnify the AASW member in that particular situation. The AASW policy would be a fallback option to consider depending on the circumstances and Terms and Conditions of the other policy and the AASW policy.

How does the AMHSW credential compare?

Medicare mental health provider chart

We are often asked why we charge a renewal fee for those who hold a credential, particularly the AMHSW credential. In this chart, we make the comparison to clinical and registered psychologists who are members of the Australian Psychological Society and mental health occupational therapists - they have to have membership of Occupational Therapy Australia, as well as AHPRA registration. This graph makes the same assumptions about insurance as our membership comparison. It's based on this table:

How does the AMHSW credential compare?

Profession Full fee Credential AHPRA/Board Insurance Total
AMHSW $725.00 $208.00 NA Included $933.00
Psychologist $708.00 NA $437.00 $604.30 $1,749.30
Mental health occupational therapist $519.00 Free $119.00 $299.42 $937.42

Psychologists, AMHSWs and mental health occupational therapists are the allied health professionals who are able to offer mental health services under Medicare. As psychologists and occupational therapists are regulated under AHPRA, and are not self-regulated professions, they pay their registration fee to AHPRA each year, as well as an application fee initially.

AASW has assumed regulatory responsibility for all members, including AMHSWs. Therefore, the cost of regulation is borne by AASW and not a separate entity, such as AHPRA. This is the reason we charge the annual fee - there is cost related to ensuring the integrity of the AMHSW credential and those holders who are able to provide services via Medicare need to be as quality-assured as the two other professions offering identical services.

This chart shows that our regulatory cost is competitive with the two other professions.

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