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Referee statement information and templates

Referee Statement Information

As part of your credential application, you must provide a signed and declared Referee Statement for each role you submit as part of your application. The referee statement must verify your social work practice and performance in the role(s) you have submitted in your application in the relevant field/setting in which the credential relates. It must also confirm the exact dates and hours per week of employment. If you are in private practice, you are also required to provide a Statutory Declaration as your supervisor would not be expected to be in a position to validate your hours of work.

Referees will need to provide a statement as to their relationship with the applicant and make a declaration that they are an appropriate referee as detailed below.

Referee Requirements:

  • Who can provide a Referee Statement?

The referee statement must be provided by a supervisor with direct and specific knowledge of your social work practice, as derived through the supervision process itself. Your referee does not necessarily need to be a qualified social worker, but they must have relevant qualifications and experience in the field/setting in which the credential relates and some training/experience in supervision. Additionally, the supervision must be in accordance with the AASW Supervision Standards and the AASW Code of Ethics. An appropriate supervisor may include:

  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Direct manager/ line manager if they are also your supervisor
  • External supervisor
  • Senior Clinician (if they are also your direct supervisor)
  • Group supervisor

Who cannot provide a Referee Statement?

The referee statement cannot be provided by:

  • Someone you have a close personal or intimate relationship with (spouse/partner)
  • Relative/ family member
  • Your employee or a direct report (i.e., someone you employ in your practice/business or someone who reports directly to you)
  • Someone who does not have relevant qualifications and experience in the setting/field in which the credential relates

The following Referee Statement Templates should be used when applying for a credential:

Mental Health (Please note: The Referee Statement template has been recently updated)

Family Violence


Child Protection


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