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If you participate or use these AASW services, this information helps explain the dollar value you will get from membership.  

Complimentary CPD: Throughout the 2024/25 timeframe, AASW members will have access to complimentary CPD valued at up to $1000 as part of their membership benefits. Every quarter, a fresh selection of complimentary CPD opportunities is carefully curated from our On-Demand Learning catalogue and showcased in the member newsletter. 

For instance, during the 2023/2024 period, members received 10 titles from Category 2 of AASW’s On Demand Learning catalogue (averaging 1 hour per title, totaling 10 hours of Category 2 CPD, valued at approximately $50 each). Moreover, an extensive range of resources is accessible at no cost within the Practice Suites section under Category 3. 

Social Work Advisory Service ($297): The cost is based on the AASW Schedule of Recommended Fees, which states that supervision is $270 per hour. The calculation is based on the average cost of a social worker accessing supervision for 20 minutes and making three calls to the service per year, with GST added. 

Career and Legal Support: Ethics Consultation Service ($297): This service is priced similarly to the Senior Social Work Advisor service. The cost is calculated per query, based on the cost of a social worker accessing a consultation service for 20 minutes. 

Career and Practice Resources ($595): The cost is based on various similar business templates and resources, available online. 

Australian Social Work (journal) ($301): The cost is based on the subscription fee. 

Journals ($1,500): The subscription fees are obtained from the Taylor & Francis website for journals Ethics and Social Welfare, Social Work in Health Care, and Journal of Community Practice. 

Legal Advice (30 min complimentary) ($338): The cost is confirmed by Maurice Blackburn and is based on advice from a principal lawyer. 

Insurance ($1,500): AASW offers professional indemnity insurance, and unlike other organisations, AASW includes it in the membership fee. We have sourced quotes for professional indemnity insurance and the average cost is $1,500. Therefore, if you need professional indemnity insurance, you don’t need to purchase it separately.

Mentor Program ($304): The cost is calculated at $38 per session based on similar mentoring services in comparable sectors. With eight sessions in total per participant, resulting in a total of $304. 

Social Work Focus Magazine ($44): The cost is based on averaging industry magazine prices like Marketing, Inside Small Business, Forbes Asia, Acumen, and Aus Ageing Agenda, with an assumed price of $11 per issue and 4 editions per year. 

Horizon Career Centre Services Listing ($990): Horizon offers a free listing that is active for 6 months. However, the lowest cost Horizon listing is $165, and since the service is utilised for 6 months, the total cost becomes $990.