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AASW in the media

Call for MPs to step up and take responsibility (Letter to the Editor by Karen Healy)
The Courier Mail
28 November 2012

Attack was unfair (Letter to the Editor by Bernard Wilson, Brunswick)
The Age (Melbourne)
13 October 2012

Charities commission on hold
Radio National
20 September 2012

Gag on state funded service providers causing concern
ABC Brisbane
19 September 2012

Professor Karen Healy was interviewed for Queensland University of Technology News radio commenting on the effects on children involved in the recent demonstrations relating to a controversial film on Islam.
Queensland University of Technology News radio
18 September 2012
Click here to listen to the audio via YouTube.

Keeping Our Children Safe
International Business Times
(Republished article from UQ News)
19 September 2012

Keeping our children safe
(AASW President Karen Healy on her research about child protection)
University of Queensland News
18 September 2012

Queensland's Child Safety Inquiry told of adoption pain
The Courier-Mail
3 September 2012

Child Protection 'Gutted'
Media excerpt re Karen Healy's appearance at the CP Inquiry
The Courier-Mail
30 August 2012

Queensland's child protection department 'gutted'
Article above re-published in the Herald Sun

AASW comment on social workers involvement in forced adoption
Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald
3-4 August 2012

Taking children away was not and is not the answer
Letter to the editor by President Karen Healy
The Australian
8 June 2012

The Australian precedent: Women fighting for an adoption inquiry look across the ocean
National Post, Toronto, Canada
16 March 2012

Pay rise rewards
Letter to the editor by President Karen Healy
The Australian
4 February 2012

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