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AASW in the media

How should public policy tackle abandoned infants?
Article by Karen Healy
The Drum, ABC
1 August 2013

Can child protection case workers cope?
Karen Healy appeared on PM (Radio National) last night discussing child protection worker turnover particularly in NSW and the importance of keeping people in the frontline.
10 July 2013

Child protection's frontline deserves a seat on the oversight council recommended by Commissioner Tim Carmody
Opinion by AASW President Karen Healy
8 July 2013

Carmody's proposals will benefit children
Opinion by AASW President Karen Healy
5 July 2013

Blueprint for safety
(Letter to the Editor by AASW President Karen Healy)
The Australian
3 July 2013

Budget pressure ahead
"The community services sector says Queenslanders will struggle to cope with increased cost of living and business says there will be little opportunity to reduce prices."
ABC 7.30 Queensland
Professor Karen Healy on social exclusion and the Queensland Budget
4 June 2013

Support our kids
(Letter to the Editor by Carol Dorgelo, Tasmanian Branch President)
The Examiner
30 May 2013

Safety of children our first priority
(Letter to the Editor by Carol Dorgelo, Tasmanian Branch President)
The Mercury
27 May 2013

Children in detention
(Letter to the Editor by Carol Dorgelo, Tasmanian Branch President)
The Advocate
30 April 2013

Social worker's huge influence still felt
Obituary for Claire Bundey 1923 - 2013
Sydney Morning Herald
13 March 2013

Child protection inquiry a chance to redirect help to families
(Letter to the Editor by Karen Healy)

The Courier Mail
9 March 2013

Avoid jail
(Letter to the Editor by WA Branch President Sabina Leitmann)
The West Australia
4 March 2013

An Open Letter to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition
(signed by AASW)
Call for an immediate and transparent review of the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996.
The West Australian
23 February

Social workers reject police pregnancy push
The Weekend Australian
9-10 February 2013

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