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Media releases - 2014

Health care system at risk under new Medicare changes
10 December 2014
The AASW believes changes to Medicare announced by the Prime Minister yesterday will put our universal health care system at serious risk.

Abandoned baby sparks call for more support
24 November 2014
The AASW is calling for vulnerable parents to receive more support to avoid further cases such as the abandoned baby boy found in Sydney.

Addressing gender inequality key to ending violence against women
20 November 2014
The AASW strongly supports comments made by Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick linking violence against women to gender inequality.

Poverty of students a government policy
7 October 2014
Anti-Poverty Week (12-18 October) should serve as an important reminder that students are among those suffering the effects of poverty, according to the AASW.

We are not at war with refugees and asylum seekers
1 October 2014
The Federal Government’s Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment Bill contains a suite of appalling changes which treat refugees and asylum seekers as enemy combatants, according to the AASW.

Cambodian deal is back to front
25 September 2014
The AASW believes the resettlement deal in Cambodia will fail for the same reasons it has in Papua and New Guinea.

Changes in health system must protect vulnerable
23 September 2014
The AASW warns the government not to destroy the fundamental building blocks of well-being in Australia by gutting the health system.

Most vulnerable at risk without regulation
12 September 2014
The AASW is again calling for social workers to be regulated through the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, after recent research revealed practitioners such as psychologists and doctors are engaging in serious misconduct.

Commission extension gives more victims a voice
3 September 2014
The AASW congratulates the Government on their decision to extend the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse by a further two years.

'Troubling' survey sparks call to raise student allowances
26 August 2014
A large percentage of university students are skipping meals and struggling to pay for educational resources due to a lack of income, according to new research by the AASW.
To view the survey referenced in this media release, click here.

Decision on 18C at odds with counter-terrorism powers
6 August 2014
While the AASW welcomes Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement of the retention of 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, the Association is uneasy that the decision was announced as the government conveyed its intention to extend its counter-terrorism powers in a way which is effectively racially based.

National approach to protecting our children needed
23 July 2014
The AASW believes Working with Children Checks alone do not guarantee the safety of children in our institutions, as shown in recent allegations of child abuse against a South Australian man.
To view the transcript of the related 'Four Corners' report, click here.

AASW welcomes decision to give protection visa to child refugee
23 July 2014
The AASW has welcomed the decision to grant a permanent protection visa to a young Ethiopian boy on Monday even though he had arrived by boat.

Don’t let thousands of sexual abuse victims be condemned into silence
3 July 2014
The AASW today supported the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse in its request for more time and money to help ensure the tragedy of institutionalised sexual abuse will never reoccur.

Concerns for hospital patients after Centrelink community team services reduced in hospitals
4 June 2014
The AASW Victorian Branch is concerned about recent changes at Centrelink which prevent social workers directly contacting the Centrelink Community Teams on behalf of patients with complex needs.

Future of the Royal Commission in doubt
29 May 2014
The AASW is deeply concerned about the future of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Commission) following the resignation of CEO Janette Dines and subsequent revelations that the Federal government has diverted $6.7 million from the Commission to the pink batts inquiry.

School social workers provide students and families with choice
23 May 2014
The Victorian Branch of the AASW strongly urges the Federal Government to continue the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program in its current form.

Federal Budget to hit low income families hardest
13 May 2014
The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) is alarmed that the Federal Budget will lead to a less just society. The budget will hit individuals and families on low incomes hardest and will lead to reduced access to the high quality education required to participate in Australia’s knowledge economy.

Deal with Cambodia will prove an expensive embarrassment
1 May 2014
The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) is dismayed that the Government continues to pay poor countries to solve its political problems rather than engage in a truly regional approach to solving the humanitarian issue of refugees and asylum seekers.

Freedom of Speech Bill a Risk to Dignity and Safety
1 May 2014
The AASW has called on the Federal government to reject the Freedom of Speech Bill 2014 in
its entirety.

Deficit Levy should be used to increase Newstart Allowance
30 April 2014
The Newstart Allowance has now decreased to just two thirds of the aged pension and at $36 a day is too low to survive on long term.

‘Important community health services lost if Medicare Locals close'
23 April 2014
The AASW is alarmed at suggestions that Medicare Locals may be abolished.

Children in immigration detention now incarcerated for over 6 months
3 April 2014
Recent analysis by the AASW reveals that almost 80 per cent of children in immigration detention have been there for over 6 months – an increase of more than 60 per cent since Operation Sovereign borders launched in September 2013.

Changes to Racial Discrimination Act a safety threat
27 March 2014
The proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing to some of the most vulnerable members of the Australian community and give the wrong message to the bigots in our society that it is OK to act on their bigotry, says Professor Karen Healy, President of the AASW.

Minister's Direction 62 is antifamily, says AASW
12 March 2014
The AASW is dismayed by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection’s direction (Direction 62) that refugees who have arrived by boat will no longer have their family visa applications processed.

AASW launches Collective Trade Mark to identify professionally qualified, genuine Social Workers
12 February 2014
The AASW, the only representative body for social workers in Australia, is excited to announce the launch today of a legally protected Collective Trade Mark (CTM) for exclusive use by AASW Accredited Social Workers.

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