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Suhaila honoured for service

Published: 13 December 2016

The Darwin Sun's has published a short article on this year's recipient of the AASW's Mary Moylan Northern Territory Social Worker of the Year Award.

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The Ripple Effect: Helping farming communities deal with suicide and mental health

Published: 12 December 2016

AASW member, Martin Butler, is quoted in this article about The Ripple Effect, a research and awareness program looking at suicide in rural communities.

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Recruitment of staff for new SA Child Protection Department

Published: 6 December 2016

South Australia's new Child Protection Department officials have confirmed that the department is operating with about 300 fewer workers than it should be as it struggles to recruit new employees, reports Lauren Novak, in The Advertiser.

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A question of respect

Published: 1 December 2016

AASW Vice President, Christine Craik, is also Chair of Project Respect, an organisation that supports and works with women who are trafficked or who are working in the sex industry. She has been interviewed by Pro Bono's Evolving Chair.

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Safety of children in state care

Published: 21 November 2016

In this Gold Coast Bulletin and Advertiser report on the safety of children in state care, AASW SA Branch President, Mary Hood, says an adult suspected of sexual abuse should not be able to return to work with children until evidence has cleared them on wrongdoing.

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Complexities of adoption

Published: 5 November 2016

During National Adoption Awareness Week, the AASW told SBS radio that governments need to better understand the complexities of adoption.

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Changes in child protection procedures in NSW

Published: 24 October 2016

AASW President, Karen Healy AM, is an expert witness in this Channel 10 News report on changes to child protection procedures in NSW.

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World Mental Health Day

Published: 9 October 2016

AASW President Karen Healy AM was interviewed by SBS radio news on 9 October in the lead up to World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

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No evidence four week wait for young jobless will help: AASW

Published: 28 September 2016

President, Professor Karen Healy AM, was called on by Triple R radio, Melbourne, to comment on the legislation that would see unemployed people aged under-25 wait four weeks before being eligible for welfare. The evidence shows this will further entrench poverty.

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Growing demand for skilled workers to support family violence victims

Published: 7 September 2016

According to a World Today report on 7  September, a new coalition of family violence experts is warning that while police training is improving, more than half of the support workers for victims of violence have no formal training.

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Child protection in the ACT

Published: 2 September 2016

AASW Board Director, Anita Phillips, was recently interviewed for an ABC News story in which she talks about the child protection system in the ACT and her previous role as Public Advocate:

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Letter to the Editor: Outdated view on parenting

Published: 22 August 2016

AASW President, Karen Healy, expresses disappointment at Gary Linnell's outdated view of parenting in a letter published by the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 August 2016.

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AASW opinion - NT juvenile justice: Hard work needed now, not another word-fest

Published: 27 July 2016

A royal commission into the mistreatment of children within the Northern Territory juvenile justice system is a good first step says AASW National President, Karen Healy AM, in her opinion piece. 'The Prime Minister is to be applauded for announcing it so quickly. However, the Commission will simply be another word-fest that raises expectations then dashes hopes unless it addresses the deep racism towards Indigenous people which has allowed this ongoing abuse to occur.'

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Doctors High Court challenge to Border Force secrecy

Published: 27 July 2016

The AASW's comments on the High Court Challenge to the Border Force Act has joined that of doctors in an article published on 27 June by Pro Bono Australia

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Letter to the Editor: Help these kids

Published: 27 July 2016

AASW President Karen Healy's response to the ABC Four Corners report on the Don Dale juvenile detention centre was printed in the letters section of the NT News on 27 July 2016.

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Opinion: Poor investment in child safety has tragic results

Published: 12 July 2016

In an opinion piece in the Courier-Mail on 12 June 2016, AASW National President Karen Healy AM wrote about Queensland's under investment in family support services in the context of the death of toddler Mason Jet Lee. She called on the Queensland Government, which spends far less than most other states and territories on family support services, to continue to move forward in improving its investment in family support services to reach the most vulnerable children and their families.

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Interim recommendations: SA child protection systems royal commission

Published: 21 June 2016

Jennie Charlton, Vice President of AASW SA Branch, spoke with ABC Radio Adelaide on 21 June 2016 about the interim recommendations from the Royal Commission into South Australian Child Protection Systems.

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AASW opinion: Ours is a society not just an economy

Published: 9 June 2016

Our political leaders’ relentless posturing in the run-up to the election is about being good economic managers but that is never an end in itself. If society as a whole benefits from good economic management then we are being well-served.

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AASW opinion: To fight terrorism we need social workers as much as soldiers

Published: 31 March 2016

The AASW's Vice-President, Christine Craik, prepared a response to Italian president, Matteo Renzi's comments in the Guardian about the need for social workers as well as soldiers to fight terrorism.

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AASW opinion: Growing together means raising allowances above the poverty line

Published: 29 March 2016

National President, Professor Karen Healy AM, comments that the Labor Party's policy announcement to tackle inequality, Growing Together, is a step in the right direction but in recommending another inquiry, Labor’s agenda is too tentative and, by not fully appreciating the implications of the low rates of the Youth, Austudy and Abstudy allowances, it fails to link all the important social policy dots.

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Two young children roam streets after absconding from state facility

Published: 27 March 2016

AASW President, Professor Karen Healy AM, is quoted in this story by ABC News' Claire Moodie that expresses concerns for the safety of two young Aboriginal children who have become serial runaways from a WA residential care facility.

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SA pushes for national registration scheme

Published: 15 March 2016

A national registration system for social workers is being urged by the South Australian Government in the wake of damning coronial findings after the tragic death of Adelaide girl Chloe Valentine.

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Not all people who call themselves social workers are qualified

Published: 13 March 2016

AASW South Australian Branch President, Dr Mary Hood, is interviewed in this ABC Adelaide news bulletin on 13 March 2016 that responds to the state government's push for national registration of social workers.

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Surrogacy: Babysitting or baby trading?

Published: 28 February 2016

This article in The Age by Cosima Marriner quotes the AASW's submission to the surrogacy parliamentary inquiry and reports that some couples liken surrogacy to babysitting, while others disagree, saying it is similar to donor conception and adoption in that a biological connection is severed.

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AASW on The World Today

Published: 25 February 2016

On 25 February, AASW National Vice-President, Christine Craik, spoke with ABC Radio's Eleanor Hall about children's welfare within the Family Court system.

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Addressing the issue of the high number of Aboriginal children in care

Published: 13 February 2016

On Saturday 13 February, National President, Professor Karen Healy AM, was interviewed by video journalist Claire Moodie on the ABC News 24 program, Australia Wide, about the issue of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

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Could we have saved Baby Lily Grace?

Published: 12 February 2016

In the wake of this tragedy, the Coroner has called for consideration of Baby Safe Haven laws in order to help desperate families to safely abandon their children.  Yet it is not clear that Baby Safe Havens would have saved Baby Lily. 

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Appalling irony in government ratification of abuse of children

Published: 11 February 2016

Almost every day we hear media reports of abuse in Australian institutions that are meant to keep children safe. Yet our government legislates to allow children to be put into an offshore detention institution that we know is inherently unsafe. The irony is staggering.

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Grandmothers rally over high number of Aboriginal children in care

Published: 11 February 2016

AASW President, Karen Healy, responds to comments from Child Protection Minister, Helen Morton in this article by Claire Moodie of ABC News

This week marks eight years since former prime minister Kevin Rudd said sorry to the Stolen Generations, but for two Martu women from Western Australia's Pilbara region, the national apology has offered little comfort.

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