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A first for SA social workers

Published: 5 December 2020

THE nation’s first registration system for social workers is expected to be established in SA following the
passing of new laws early next year.

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Australian social workers can register for professional qualifications when returning to Hong Kong

Published: 30 November 2020

Social work is a helping profession to assist individuals, groups and communities to strengthen or restore their abilities, to play their social functions, and to create social conditions that help achieve their goals.

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Health groups urge government to cover climate change in National Preventive Health Strategy

Published: 22 September 2020

More than 30 prominent health organisations have called on the federal government to address the health
impacts of climate change in its upcoming National Preventive Health Strategy.

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The child protection system is broken and business as usual will not do

Published: 14 September 2020

Last week was National Child Protection Week, and the theme this year was "Putting Children First". Child protection is incredibly complex work, and involves some of the most vulnerable children and families in society.

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Published: 11 August 2020

The number of therapy sessions subsidised by Medicare has doubled for all Victorians living under stage
three and four restrictions, going from 10 sessions per year to 20.

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AASW launches Reconciliation Action Plan, in the lead up to International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Published: 7 August 2020

The Australian Association of Social Workers has today launched its third Reconciliation Action Plan July 2020-June 2022, which is an Innovate Plan.

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Number of therapy sessions covered by Medicare doubles for Victorians

Published: 5 August 2020

The number of therapy sessions subsidised by Medicare has doubled for all Victorians living under stage three and four restrictions, going from 10 sessions per year to 20.

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Victorians want more public housing: poll

Published: 5 August 2020

Australian Association of Social Workers national president Christine Craik says the initiative needs to happen on a more permanent basis across the country.

"This pandemic has wreaked havoc with our most vulnerable communities and if there is to be one positive thing to come out of this, let that legacy be that this was the time we took a different path around social housing and committed ourselves to eradicating homelessness forever," she said.

* National Homeless Week runs from August 2 to 8. This year's theme is Everybody Needs a Home.

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Australian Association of Social Workers president Christine Craik is again calling for stimulus though social housing

Published: 4 August 2020

Australian Association of Social Workers president Christine Craik is again calling for stimulus though social housing (something Labor and the Greens have been calling for as well).

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The role of social workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published: 24 July 2020

National President Christine Craik explores the vital role of social work in the response to and recovery from public health crises and national emergencies.

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Fight for better homes for these residents

Published: 9 July 2020

Many people were shocked at the sudden lockdown of those in public housing towers. The "effective immediately" was hard to fathom (although less so now, with so many Melburnians fleeing on Wednesday to spread coronavirus to regional Victoria).

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Social housing waiting list 'decades long'

Published: 7 July 2020

Some families are waiting decades for social housing and now is the time to address the issue, an inquiry has been told.

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Dan Tehan botches higher education funding reform

Published: 3 July 2020

The unintended consequences of the botched higher education reforms minister Dan Tehan
spelt out at the National Press Club a few short weeks ago continue to reveal themselves.

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The Federal Government's reforms to university funding are under attack like never before from the very people they are supposed to help - Channel 10

Published: 2 July 2020

AASW National President Christine Craik discusses the potential changes to higher education fees and the detrimental consequences for future social work students.

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How will COVID-19 impact poverty?

Published: 26 June 2020

What will COVID-19’s impact on poverty look like in both the short and long term? Bashful Extroverts spoke with the National President of Australian Association of Social Workers, Christine Craik to gain a better understanding.

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Christine Craik discusses proposed changes to fees for social work degrees with ABC Radio Adelaide's David Bevan

Published: 23 June 2020

Listen to an animated discussion which includes AASW National President Christine Craik on the proposed changes to social work degree fees.

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Social work cost hike ‘to drive students away’

Published: 22 June 2020

Welfare sector leaders have ­attacked the Morrison government’s plan for a 113 per cent fee hike for social work degrees, saying the increase will turn young people away from a critical profession where pay is low but quality workers are in high demand

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Linda Ford is Passionate about her Social Work in Rural, Remote and...

Published: 3 June 2020

Linda Ford is Bigambul mob from Goondiwindi but also want to give a shout out to the Kalkadoon people in Mount Isa where Linda grew up. Linda yarns up with Gman on Big Brekkie.

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Christine Craik in Social Work Talk

Published: 27 May 2020

AASW National President Christine Craik talks to Social Work Talk Quarterly about COVID-19.

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Christine Craik on ABC Radio Adelaide Drive with Jules Schiller

Published: 11 May 2020

National President Christine Craik discusses COVID-19, mental health and addressing increasing rates of suicide. She says that the number of therapy sessions under the Medicare Benefits Scheme should be increased from 10 to 20.

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Christine Craik on ABC24 News discussing COVID-19 and mental health

Published: 11 May 2020

Watch National President Christine Craik interviewed on mental health during COVID-19, calling for an increase in the number of Medicare sessions and support for family violence.

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Domestic Violence & It’s Relationship With Home Isolation During The COVID-19 era

Published: 11 May 2020

We’re here today to talk about the difficult subject of Domestic Violence, the relationship with home isolation and the COVID-19 era.

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Social workers call for double the number of mental health sessions under Medicare

Published: 11 May 2020

The Australian Association of Social Workers want the government to increase the number of mental health sessions allowable under Medicare, given the increased pressure people are living under – and will have to live under for some time to come.

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May issue of Social Work Talk Quarterly

Published: 1 May 2020

Christine will appear in the May issue of the new magazine Social Work Talk quarterly.

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Family violence and COVID-19: Hidden in isolation

Published: 21 April 2020

We know that the consequences of crises and large-scale disruptions are more serious for people who are already disadvantaged. This means that the visible and invisible impacts of the recent bushfire crisis, and now the COVID-19 global pandemic have been greater on women. 

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The reality we don't want to face about ageing

Published: 7 April 2020

Christine Craik appears in the Herald Sun discussing aged care:

Christine Craik is the National President of the Australian Association of Social Workers and a lecturer at RMIT University.

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COVID-19 & Domestic and Family Violence

Published: 2 April 2020

Domestic and family violence services across the country are bracing themselves for a spike in incidents as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts woman forced to isolate with their abusers.

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Headmaster who supported child groomer could be called to Federal Court

Published: 4 March 2020

The former top school counsellor at controversy-embroiled St Kevin's College in Melbourne is ready to take her one-time bosses to trial in the Federal Court, her lawyers say.

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Rally to raise Newstart

Published: 26 February 2020

A section of the Benalla community is getting behind the call to increase Newstart allowance.

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Setbacks for Queensland's conversion therapy ban

Published: 25 February 2020

Australia’s first proposed legislation criminalising “LGBT conversion therapy” has suffered setbacks and divides after receiving criticism and support on issues of medicinal practice and gender dysphoria.

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One third seeking mental support

Published: 21 February 2020

TASMANIANS are being encouraged to seek support for mental illness with a report showing the state continues to have higher than average rates of depression and anxiety.

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Published: 23 January 2020

By Mike Hitch

The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) has called on the Queensland State Government to further restrict the harmful practice of conversion therapy by including non-regulated professionals such as those claiming to be counsellors or religious advisers in the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

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Queensland’s Move To End ‘Conversion Therapy’ A Positive Step, But Falls Short

Published: 16 January 2020

The AASW has called on the Queensland Government to broaden the definition of ‘health service provider’ to better restrict the practice of harmful ‘conversion therapy’, a harmful and discredited practice which purports to convert lesbian, gay and bisexual people into heterosexual.

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Published: 15 January 2020

Why don’t people use their mental health care plan? Here’s how to overcome the stigma of mental health diagnosis and find the right psychologist for you.

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Local Leaders | Mental Health: So, what happens after the disaster?

Published: 9 January 2020

Local Leaders | Mental Health: So, what happens after the disaster?

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Meet The Activist Fighting For Justice And A Better Future

Published: 5 January 2020

The year 2020 marks 250 years since James Cook’s first voyage to Australia, yet today Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people still aren’t acknowledged in our constitution.

The time is now for recognition and reform, as called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 

This month, marie claire joins forces with some of Australia’s biggest and brightest names to unite for change. Here, Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts talks about fighting the good fight...

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