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Australian social workers can register for professional qualifications when returning to Hong Kong

Published: 30 November 2020

Social work is a helping profession to assist individuals, groups and communities to strengthen or restore their abilities, to play their social functions, and to create social conditions that help achieve their goals.

Social work can be divided into case work and group work. Casework refers to the maintenance of a 1:1 relationship between the social worker and the client during the service process and interact with the client through consultation. Social workers mainly use professional knowledge and skills, and have good emotional adjustment skills to assist clients; clients have psychological problems or needs, and hope that social workers can help clients change their current situation and return to normal psychological and emotional qualities as soon as possible.

Introduction to Social Work Organizations in Hong Kong and Australia

The purpose of the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board is to monitor the quality of social workers through a monitoring mechanism, and ultimately to protect the interests of service users and the public. Routine work includes formulating and reviewing the qualification standards for registration as a registered social worker and related registration matters, handling social worker registration and renewal of registration, handling violations of discipline, etc.

The Australian Association of Social Workers (The Australian Association of Social Workers) is a representative social work organization in Australia that establishes and monitors professional ethics standards for registered social workers working in Australia. Students need to complete a social work degree program recognized by AASW. After graduation, register with AASW to become a formal social worker and work in an Australian social welfare institution or teaching institution. If the Bachelor of Social Work awarded in Australia is recognized by the local AASW in Australia, in principle, it is also recognized by the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board for registration.

In addition, AASW announced at the beginning of 2020 that it will raise the requirements for a master's degree in social work starting from 2021 in the first semester. All applicants need to meet the following requirements:
• English requirements: the total score of IETLS must be 7.0 or above, but listen All subdivisions of, speaking, reading and writing reach 7.0 or above.
• Possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Have completed at least one full-time course related to social and behavioral sciences

Some Australian universities have obtained social work courses recognized by ASSW:
• Deakin University
• Flinders University
• University of Newcastle
• University of South Australia
• University of Wollongong

School starts in February 2021 and is now enrolling students. If you are interested in learning more about social work courses in Australia, you can consult an Aston Education education consultant.

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