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Domestic Violence & It’s Relationship With Home Isolation During The COVID-19 era

Published: 11 May 2020

We’re here today to talk about the difficult subject of Domestic Violence, the relationship with home isolation and the COVID-19 era.

This discussion is with the aim of supporting anyone suffering, to help provide a voice to the voiceless and may have reduced support whilst home in isolation.

Also, to provide advice for those who suspect that a loved one, a family or friend may be suffering from Domestic Violence and how they can best support them.

To talk to us about this topic we welcome our special guest Christine Craik, National President of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

For over 30 years Christine has worked as a social worker in family support, housing, community health and hospitals with a focus on family violence, sexual abuse and refugees and holds a Master’s degree in Social Policy and Management and is currently completing her PhD.

We ask Christine questions including:

Q1 Can you explain how crisis situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic and the summer bushfires increase family violence incidents?

Q2 How can survivors (or their friends and family) access services if they need help leaving violent situations during a crisis like this?

Q3 We know that women are often afraid they might lose their children if they reach out for help about family violence and that children are also at risk of violence. How can social workers help to keep families together, but address the violence?

Q4 What can the community do to address the culture around family violence?

For Christine's full article go to:

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers