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World Social Work Day 2020: Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships

Published: 17 March 2020

Today is World Social Work Day, a day of celebration for the social work profession, held every year on the third Tuesday of March. This year’s theme is Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships, which is set by the International Federation of Social Workers.

Like many other professional bodies, the AASW usually marks the profession’s special day with several public gatherings around the country. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Association has cancelled them in the interests of public safety.

Social work is a proud profession and at times like these with the current unprecedented challenges, social workers are supporting and advocating for the vulnerable in our community.

AASW National President Christine Craik said, “Human relationships are at the very heart of what social workers do.

“World Social Work Day is a day to celebrate the profession of social work. We are a proud and diverse profession. We work in a variety of settings on many issues from mental health, housing and homelessness, through to family violence and so much more. We work in government departments, charity organisations, educational settings and in private practice. It doesn’t matter where we work, we all uphold the values of working for social justice and championing human rights.

“More than ever, our values and commitment will see us working through the Covid-19 crisis. Social workers are supporting, advocating and speaking up for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community who are already bearing the brunt of the community reaction to this crisis. Those with existing anxiety issues are having their anxieties exacerbated, not only by the threat of this virus but by the panic and self-interest of others in the community. On this World Social Work Day we call on all in our community to remember the importance of human relationships, the importance of looking out for the vulnerable in our community and the importance of working together as we negotiate the next few months and beyond.

“The ability of Australians to support those impacted by bushfires and other natural disasters is inspiring, so let it be those actions that define us as we face this new threat.”

World Social Work Day will be celebrated in many countries around the world. Australia will be one of the first countries to mark the day around the world.

Ms. Craik said, “I encourage everyone to participate in this year’s theme of Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships. On 17 March join us on Twitter using #WSWD2020 with a photo or video depicting human relationships.”


To interview Christine Craik, please contact Angela Yin on 0413 532 954

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