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Remote communities not simply lifestyle choices

Published: 12 March 2015

The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) stands with the Aboriginal leaders who have voiced their concern about the Prime Minister’s dismissive comments about the significance of remote Aboriginal communities.

Professor Karen Healy, President of the AASW, stated that, “The use of the term ‘Lifestyle Choice’ in relation to remote communities was a very poor choice of words. I agree with Noel Pearson that it was disrespectful, and with Mike Gooda that it was poorly thought out. Warren Mundine has rightly pointed out that the issue was not as simple as the Prime Minister described. This is a complex issue in which respect is key in getting long term sustainable solutions, especially for children and the most vulnerable.”

The AASW represents over 8000 professional social workers, many of who work closely with Aboriginal communities, families and individuals to promote justice and wellbeing.

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