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AASW social media

The AASW is using social media as a platform to communicate with members, the media, policy makers and the general public. Chat with us, stay informed and find opportunities to get involved and contribute to social change.

Social media platforms

We use Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and LinkedIn to share information about media statements, articles, inquiry submissions, CPD events, campaigns and opportunities to get involved, and to encourage discussion about issues relating to the social work profession and social justice.

Our social media feeds are managed by the communications team from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm in accordance with AASW social media guidelines.





Who does the AASW follow?

The AASW follows relevant news outlets, journalists and publications, and industry organisations and government departments.

Will you respond to my messages?

We welcome feedback to ensure our social media content meets the needs of our followers. The communications team reads all messages and @ replies. Where possible, we will respond. Messages about AASW policy and procedures will be directed to the relevant staff within the association.

How can I contact the AASW?

If you have a query that cannot be addressed on social media, visit our Contact us page or phone 03 9320 1000

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