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North Queensland Branch Management Committee


Ross Murray

Hi all, I am wishing to introduce myself as someone who is relatively new to the social worker profession of 12 years. I am currently employed as the Allied Health Team Leader for Queensland Health’s Older Persons Community Services (OPCS), and Townsville Community Health Services (TCHS) based at Kirwan Health Campus Townsville as well as a Senior Social Worker for these teams. My role is to support multidisciplinary teams as well as advocate for clients and families from 18yrs and above; and over 50 yrs. for Aboriginal and Torres Straight families who have been identified as requiring services from our OPCS and TCHS teams.

Many of my clients requiring social work interventions become casualties to the underfunded resources of North Queensland and many are recognized as minority groups. Providing the support and care for all stakeholders involved in my cases keeps me wanting to do the best I can for my clients and families. Having developed an understanding that there are many occasions in our lives that we do not initiate or ask for but are left to deal with is something that I believe continues to drive me as a social worker in advocating for clients and services in North Queensland.

Working in the aged care sector has been described by some as slow and boring. Unfortunately, some feel that there is little that can be done to assist the older population of Australia. It is these beliefs and comments that make me even more determined and committed to meeting my client’s demands. Quoting from the AASW Code of Ethics: The commitment and aims of social work is providing assistance to improve the wellbeing of clients. Clients are individuals, families and other kinship arrangements, groups, communities, organizations and societies, especially those who are neglected, marginalized, vulnerable, excluded, disadvantaged, alienated or have exceptional needs.

In conclusion, my hopes and endeavors are to help build stronger communities through the process of advocating for clients and volunteering my time and services to the AASW Association as the Nth Qld President. I work in the caring profession that provides consumers with the best continuum of care made available to them. I work for the AASW members of Nth Qld with the hope of providing networking opportunities and CPD events which members are seeking to give them the best possible professional development skills and opportunities they require to best support their communities.

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Helen Sheeran

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BMC Members - Student Representatives

Kerri Borger

Kerri is about to commence her fourth year of a Bachelor of Social Work with embedded honours at James Cook University, Cairns and is a very active member of the social work cohort in both mentoring and as cofounder and President of JCU Cairns Social Social Work Club. Prior to studying Kerri has worked with both families and the community in various roles both professionally and as a volunteer, in a vast range of industries. Kerri has a strong passion for community development work and the value of building a village to assist members of the community find the strengths to improve their wellbeing and in turn build a strong community. Apart from study, Kerri’s other passions include spending time with her husband and two children, as well as gardening, swimming and learning to be a “Twitcher”.

Parimal Reddy

Parimal Reddy is an International student from India and a budding Social Worker. He is currently studying Master of Social Work (PQ) from James Cook University and has just completed his first placement with the North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC). His Eastern (community based) background can help and influence the professional practice to form a practice perspective which is between the continuum of community based and self-autonomy.

His volunteer experience with the Harm Reduction Society mainly concerned with the families of the youth or the youth themselves has added to his professional development. Parimal was rewarded for his endeavours with the youth by felicitation with the best mentor award in the year 2012. A prolonged experience of caring for mental health patients includes his acquaintance with trauma accentuated Alzheimer’s, which allowed him to be part of a lived experience that included emotional and physical distress. This involvement also provided an opportunity to study and understand patterns of behaviour and the influence that propel such behaviours.

Participation in the administrative and management services as a Founding Member for Social Workers for Climate Action (SW4CA) are attributable to the success of the organisation. This opportunity introduced positive advocacy skills that will come to use on the North Queensland BMC.

His improved practice of critical reflection, helped to disclose his value quotient to examine on an organisational platform, further helping him to adapt the organisational perspective by mastering evasion of confrontation and synergizing with inner self, in a way, where he can practice using any value perspectives without violating the organisational framework. Community engagement and welfare has been the centre piece of his life. His experience at NQCC has taught him the significance of structured organisational stability of the profession that forms the backbone for successful progression towards future endeavours.

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