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Seeking approval to advertise research

The AASW National Research Committee invites researchers conducting research/evaluation activities relevant to social workers and social work practice to submit an application for research to be advertised to AASW members in relevant national and state/territory bulletins. See below for information about the approval process and required documentation.

Who needs to seek approval?

Approval must be sought for all branch and national research activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • internal evaluation or research projects
  • research projects conducted by undergraduate or post-graduate students
  • research involving AASW members
  • research undertaken by AASW in collaboration with external agencies or research institutions
  • research promoted by AASW undertaken by external agencies

With regards to internal quality assurance projects, the Research Committee provides a consultation role in reviewing the integrity of projects.

For further information contact the AASW at

What do I need to submit?

  • Prospective Researchers are required to download the Research Application documentation, which details the the required information for research proposals. Requests for further information can be sought directly from the Research Committee Secretariat at
  • All completed applications for research approval are to be submitted to the AASW Research Committee through the secretariat based at the National Office. The application will then be referred to the Research Committee for response.

Research Application Form

Click here to download the Research Application Form

Checklist for research applications

  • Completed AASW Research Application Form
  • Copy of research proposal
  • Copy of final approval letter from Ethics committee
  • Copy of Participant recruitment flyer
  • Copy of Participant Information Sheet/s
  • Copy of Consent form/s
  • Copies of questionnaires, interview schedules or tests to be used
  • Brief 2 page CVs for principal researcher, or student supervisor if chief researcher is a student

Criteria for AASW decision making about research support

Approval will be based on the project’s purposefulness, ethical integrity, quality of the research design, the track record of the researchers and organisational considerations.

Specifically, projects will be reviewed against the following criteria in order for approval to be given:

  • Consistent with the AASW strategic plan, principles and missions;
  • Demonstrate a value to the AASW and/or the Social Work field;
  • Confirmed Ethics approval;
  • Meet acceptable standards of research design (see section 5.5.2 of the Code of Ethics);
  • Demonstrate the capacity to undertake and complete the project; and
  • Can be supported within the resources and activities of the AASW at the time of application.

AASW expectations about reporting of progress and completion of projects within which it is engaged

The AASW Research Committee has an overall monitoring, quality assurance and coordinating function in relation to all research projects carried out within the AASW. To this end, the following are required of prospective Researchers:

  • The prospective Researcher advises the AASW Research Committee immediately of any changes which might affect AASW approval of the research project, including changes in research design or methodology or any adverse physical or psychological effects on participants;
  • Advice to the Research Committee if a project is to be discontinued

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