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Apply for AMHSW status

On the 24 October 2014, the AASW launched the new Practice Standards for Mental Health Social Workers 2014. Consequently the application form for Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker has been revised to reflect these changes.

Please review the first page of the application document to confirm the date in which the form became effective. All new applications for Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker should now be made using the new Standards and new application form which became effective in October 2014.

If your application form is dated prior to October 2014, (effective as of Jan 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 application forms) the requirements have been updated since these were issued. We are therefore not able to accept submission of such applications and would require potential applicants to download and complete the new application form, available below.

If you have previously held AMHSW status which has since lapsed, please complete the Application for reinstatement of Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) status.

Eligibility - summary

To apply for AMHSW status you need to provide evidence of:

How to apply

Please review the criteria and the FAQs prior to completing the application form. After reading these, should you have any further questions please contact us on

For further information about the assessment process please click here.

Please save the below forms to your computer before completing them.

Download the 'AMHSW Criteria and Application Form '

Download the 'Referee Statement '

How to submit

Please use one of the following methods to submit your application, please endeavour to submit a complete application at the one time, to minimise delays in processing:

  • Email the application and supporting documentation through to Please note, the email server cannot accept emails over 10MB, if your documents are quite large in size, feel free to send application and supporting documentation via a few emails. OR
  • Post your application and supporting documentation to the address listed on the application form. OR
  • Click here to apply online

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