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Expressions of interest

Expression of interest for Consultant Assessors of AMHSW applications

The AASW is expanding its Consultant Assessors Panel for accrediting Mental Health Social Workers.

The Association is interested in receiving Expressions of Interest from experienced Accredited Mental Health Social Workers who can demonstrate all three of the below criteria:

a. currently work in a mental health service or setting
b. regularly use focused psychological strategies in their practice
c. consult with clients whose primary presentations are mental health disorders

The Consultant Assessor plays an important part in the AASW credentialing program. Applications are allocated to Assessors on a regular basis by the AASW Credentialing Team to assess specific criteria related to the AMHSW criteria. Assessors also have a role in reviewing and determining the outcomes of appeals from unsuccessful applicants.

Applications come from a variety of practice settings or services. A high number of applications, for example, come from AASW private practice members who are seeking accredited mental health status through the Medicare provisions which form part of the Federal Government’s Better Access initiative.

The mental health credentialing process commences with an internal pre-assessment by the AASW Credentialing Team to ensure the application complies with specific criteria as set out in AASW’s Criteria and Application for Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker.

Once completed, applications are then provided to Consultant Assessors to review criteria related to the applicant’s post qualifying social work experience in compliance with the AASW Practice Standards for Mental Health 2014 and the submitted case studies, related to the applicant’s demonstrated mental health social work practice.

The AASW establishes a contract with each Consultant Assessor which includes specific responsibilities of the role and the fee for service payment for each assessment completed.

The number of mental health accreditation assessments required to be completed per month may vary and will be agreed upon with the Consultant Assessor in advance, prior to assigning applications. It is anticipated there will be regular ongoing work throughout the financial year.

The Assessor’s role will predominantly be performed by electronic correspondence and teleconferencing.

  1. A short summary of why you are interested in the role and any relevant experience or expertise in the skill areas required under a, b and c above, using the form
  2. Copy of your current CV or business profile of the mental health services you are providing
  3. Names and positions of two referees in your professional sphere whom you would be happy to be contacted by the AASW regarding your skills to perform in this role.

Complete the form. You will need to log into the website to complete the form.

Closing date for Expressions of Interest: Wednesday, 1 June 2022.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Georgina Cole or Glenda Lapsley - Team Leaders, Professional Standards and Assessment Program.

The AASW looks forward to receiving EOIs from interested parties who are committed to the integrity of the social work profession and whose work is specifically related to mental health practice.

Expressions of interest - consultant assessors of AMHSW applications
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