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AASW Collective Trade Marks

Frequently asked questions

What do the AASW Collective Trade Marks mean?

To date, the AASW has registered three Collective Trade Marks available for exclusive use by eligible AASW members who have completed an AASW accredited social work qualification.The trade marks, or evidence of registration to use a trade mark, provide a means of immediately identifying a professionally qualified and accountable social worker who is a member of the only national representative body for social work in Australia.

Why should I register for an AASW Collective Trade Mark?

The trade mark increases the professional recognition of the social work profession; offers members a form of title protection and; provides clients with a guarantee that a social worker providing a service is professionally qualified and committed to ethical practice. Access the member benefits information sheet here.

Which trade mark should I register for?

............... ............... ............. There are currently three trade marks available for members: the ​Accredited Social Worker Trade Mark; the Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Trade Mark and; the Social Worker trade mark. You can only register for one trade mark, so ensure you choose the one most relevant to your membership type.

Collective Trade Mark User Guidelines and Licensing Agreement

The first step to registering for one of the trade marks is to download and read the AASW Collective Trade Mark User Guidelines and the Licensing Agreement.

The Guidelines set out the range of ways the trade marks can be used, the usage standards and the terms and conditions of use. The licencing agreement outlines the conditions of the trade mark license members must agree to adhere to when registering. It is critical that all eligible members who choose to use a trade mark follow the guidelines and adhere to the conditions of use, as this will ensure that your legal requirements are met and that the integrity and value of the trade marks are maintained.

Download the AASW Collective Trade Mark User Guidelines

Download the AASW Collective Trade Mark Licensing Agreement

Register for the Trade Mark

You are now ready to register as a Trade Mark user!

*You only need to register once for the trade mark. If you are unsure whether your registration has processed successfully, please contact us on 03 9320 1077

**You should only register for one of the trade marks at a time. Please select the trade mark most relevant to your membership type. If you need to change which trade mark you are registered for, please contact us at

***Please note, online trade mark registrations are currently down. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, please try again later. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.***

Further information, resources and professional materials

Click here to access a number of information sheets and other resources regarding the collective trade mark.

Any questions

If you have any questions about using an AASW Collective Trade Mark, please contact the Senior Manager Ethics & Standards at

For more information on our range of strategies for achieving the regulation of social work please click here.

Video tutorial

Learn more about the AASW Collective Trademarks and how you can benefit in this quick 8 minute video tutorial

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