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Are We Caring for Everyone? A Child Protection Symposium

AASW will be hosting Are We Caring for Everyone? Exploring Child Protection in Australia: an AASW Symposium on Thursday, 10 March 2022.

We know that we have a system which is failing to uphold the rights of children, and to keep them safe from abuse and neglect. We need serious action.

The social work profession advocates for the registration of social work as one of several key issues affecting the sector, in addition to poor resourcing, a lack of early intervention services and the absence of collaborative approaches at every possible level.

As a result, social workers are burning out and leaving the sector, putting the system under more stress. Something has to change.

CEO Cindy Smith asks during National Child Protection Week, "How many coroners' reports do there have to be before we see systemic change? Child abuse is one of the most difficult issues that we deal with as a society, and it's time we come together and fulfil our collective responsibility to ensure that all children are free from harm."

To respond to this question, the Symposium will bring together leading experts across the public, private and government sectors to discuss how we can collectively work to improve children's safety during the pandemic and beyond.

Children will feel the ramifications of the pandemic for generations to come. On National Child Protection Week, we renew our commitment to work together to ensure every child and their family receives the support they need when they need it and from highly trained and regulated professionals.

Key Information

  • Date: Thursday, 10 March 2022
  • Time: 10am to 4pm AEDT
  • Location: ONLINE
  • Cost: Free for members
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