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Creating a CPD Plan

Members may wish to reflect on their professional development needs and annually develop and record their CPD plan. Members can record completion of a CPD plan using their ‘My CPD Record’ or logbook, as an activity within Category 2.

The idea behind a CPD Plan is that members sit down at the start of the year and write out a plan for themselves outlining what CPD opportunities they are going to seek out for the year. This helps to ensure that CPD activities are relevant and thought through, rather than being a scramble at the end of the year. Many members then go on to use the plan as the beginnings of a reflective journal to be added to throughout the year; and as a discussion point in conversations with their supervisor. Members are encouraged to use any relevant resource in the course of planning to meet their CPD needs.

There is no set method of recording a CPD Plan, as this is something that is personal to each member. Some record the information in a diary; some use their CPD record as the starting point; some use an excel spreadsheet as a way of predicting hours. A couple of sample templates are included below, but these are suggestions only - they are not mandatory. The main thing is that the plan is in a format that works for you.

CPD Plan template

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