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Applications for the AASW 2021 Mentoring Program officially closed on Thursday 15 April 2021, thank you to all those who submitted an application and took an interest in this program.

I've submitted an application, now what?

1. If unsuccessful, your Branch Services Co-ordinator (BSC) will communicate this to you and discuss the reasons your application was not successful

2. If successful, your application will be assessed and your BSC will begin the process of matching you to a suitable mentor

3. Your BSC will communicate to you once a successful pairing has been made

4. Read through all the available resources provided that your BSC will send you

5. You will be invited to (and expected to attend) a “welcome and orientation event” on May 13 (online and evening)

6. You will be asked to sign a mentor / mentee agreement form

7. Complete the mentee self-assessment review and send to your mentor ahead of session 1

8. You will then formally commence the program and the mentee will initiate first session contact

Overview of the Application Process

Please find below a summary of the application process for the AASW Mentoring Program.

If you have a query about the application process please contact us via email:

1. Eligibility Criteria

Ensure that you meet ALL of the eligibility criteria required to participate.

Eligibility Criteria
2. Program Handbook

Read through the Mentoring Program Handbook for more information.

Read Handbook
3. Application Form

Download the mentee/mentor application form and complete.

Download Forms
4. Submit Application

Complete and submit your application form to by Friday 15 April 2021.

Submit Application
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