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Child Protection Learning Pathway

Are you considering applying for the AASWs Child Protection credential?

Credentials are proof of your ongoing commitment to professional development and your leadership in this complex and challenging field of practice.

To support you in reaching your CPD goals, and applying for this credential, we have created a learning pathway to show you the varied and effective learning opportunities that are available to you in Child Protection.

Here is an example learning pathway with 22 hours of Child Protection content (click on event titles listed below for more information and to register):

Or develop your own learning pathway with this list of AASW Child Protection related content:


29 Nov (workshop) Words and Pictures: Creating connection, belonging and safety for children and young people (4)
8 Dec (webinar) Having difficult conversations with Children and Young People (13)


Creating Psychological Safety in Child Protection Supervision (8)
Getting the most out of child protection case planning meetings
An introduction to infant mental health and infant-led work with families
Talking With Children - An Overview For Social Workers

Words and Pictures: Empowering children and healing trauma in complex child protection cases (2)
Responding to young people who display Harmful Sexual Behaviour (5)
Developmental trauma: Perspectives on trauma supportive care and relational healing (9)
Inclusive and Empowering Aboriginal Child Protection Practice (11)
Harnessing the rainbow- working alongside gender diverse clients (12)
Collaborative Partnerships to Support Children & Young People in the School Setting
Child Protection: An insoluble problem or an opportunity for bold thinking
How to write for journal publication: Getting published in Australian Social Work
REWIRE: A practice model and framework for supporting trauma-affected students in schools
Understanding Eating Disorders - At school with an eating disorder
The language of MARAM: Lessons learnt in implementing the MARAM framework
Widening the focus- engaging fathers who use domestic violence

Are we caring for everyone: Exploring Child Protection in Australia AASW Symposium 2022
Keynote welcome address: The Hon Michelle Landry MP
Keynote speech: Tim Crosier
Panel: Ongoing Workforce Challenges in Child Protection and Building Resilience for Frontline Social Workers (7)

Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference 2021
Children, Young People and Families (3)


Social Work Focus Journal articles - included in AASW membership (please login to access)
2022 Winter, Vol 7, Issue 2 'A chronic and persistent problem in child protection - the role of social workers in changing the story' (1)
2022 Autumn, Vol 7, Issue 1 'Supporting front-line child protection workers with innovative training' (10)
2021 Summer, Vol 6, Issue 4 'Intimate partner homicide and the needs of bereaved children'

AASW Podcast
The Rights of the Child and the 7C's of Reform (6)

Child Protection Credential Capability Statement (14)

For more information on AASW Credentials, please visit our credentials webpage and download the e-guide.

If you are an organisation looking for more information about training your team please contact [email protected]

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