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Recordings from National Symposium 2015

The recordings with hyperlinks below are live. Those without links will be made available soon. Watch this space. 

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Day 1 Friday 27 November 2015

1. Welcome to Country presented by Gadigal Elder Uncle Ray Davidson 

2. Opening address/discussion "Leadership Reflections and Leadership for Change"  presented by Jane Miller AM, Professor Lesley Chenoweth AM,  Dr Peter Munn and Associate Professor Anthony Schembri

3. Organisational leadership and the Sanctuary Model in an Australian context presented by Annaley Clarke and Kate Martin

4. Creating collectively consenting communities presented by Joanne Petrovic

5. Keynote address presented by Dr Jackie Huggins AM

6. Strengthening teams in times of change presented by May Doncon

7. How can you make 'boring things' interesting: thinking outside the box when creating learning experiences presented by Heidi Suzanne Crawford

8. Norma Parker Address presented by Professor Karen Healy


Day 2 Saturday 28 November 2015

1. Opening Plenary "Preventing Violence, Promoting Healing and Creating Hope" presented by Professor Cathy Humphreys, Dr Noritta Morseu Diop and Professor Robert Bland

2. But-ton Kidn Doon-ga Black Women Know - representing the lived experience of Australian Indigneous women with mental health and wellbeing issues and or cognitive disabilities in criminal justice systems presented by Elizabeth McEntyre and Professor Eileen Baldry

3. A structured approach to helping students integrate theory with practice in first and second placements presented by Patricia Muncey 

4. Leadership theory and social work: how to use your skills for workplace and service development presented by Bobbi Henao Urrego

5. Uncovering your personal practice model and assisting others discover theirs presented by Carolyn Cousins

6. The journey from the talk to the walk: the teaching of self care and emerging social worker experiences presented by Rosemary Qummouh and Sera Harris

7. Keynote address "Leadership Lessons" presented  by Reverend Graham Long AM

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