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Mentoring Testimonials Cycle 1

See what our members have to say about the mentoring program!

Most of those who participated in the program in 2021 were very engaged, with more than two thirds meeting more than five times this year. Slightly more than half met online only, which was likely due to the pandemic, and a further quarter did a mix of online, in-person, and phone meetings.

More than 80 per cent reported meetings that lasted 45 minutes or longer.

See what mentors had to say.

See what mentees had to say.

Elizabeth Chapman (mentor) and Marion Scott (mentee) speak about the AASW Mentoring Program in 2021

Jordan Brown was a mentee in the AASW Mentoring Program in 2021

Jia Zhao was a mentee in the AASW Mentoring Program 2021

Further testimonials

The positive comments from mentors included:

I realised that I was automatically reflecting on my practice and was able to identify what I was doing and why. I had the opportunity to share my practice wisdom.

Great talking with a social worker in another state. Mentee was interested to try creative strategies to explore self and path forwards.

Getting to know my mentee and watching her grow as a professional over that period.

The enthusiasm of mentees is energising for the mentor. The mentee has a different world view that enriches the mentor’s world view.

Building a relationship with a new social worker. Being valued for my skills and knowledge.

The positive comments from mentees included:

I had a fabulous mentor who supported me throughout the program, who made me feel heard as well as respected. This increased my confidence and identity as a social worker.

I have developed personally and professionally. It has challenged me and broadened my knowledge, experience, and network of support.

I have learnt how important self-care and networking are.

It was great to be paired with someone who has worked with similar communities/ groups, understands the challenges, and shares the same values. I’m grateful she understands where I’m coming from as it made the mentoring more organic.

This article first appeared in the summer 2021/2022 edition of Social Work Focus.

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