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Other Information

Difference between Mentoring and Supervision

While both mentoring and clinical supervision involve guidance and support from experienced professionals, they serve different purposes and are applied in different professional contexts. Mentoring is broader and more versatile, while clinical supervision is more specific and focuses on ensuring the quality of clinical practice.


Usually, a requirement in the workplace or for professional accreditationVoluntary
Usually for duration of employment or accreditationTemporary
Inherent power imbalance. Supervisor is usually of a higher classification and evaluates performanceEquality
Focus on education, support, and accountabilityFocus on growth and development of the mentee
Can be linked to performance assessmentsNot evaluative
Examine and critically reflect upon personal and professional values and the implications for practiceBroader discussions at a theoretical, career and practical level
Current role focusLong term broader focus
Often based on availability and often no choice of supervisorRelationship based on needs, experience, and choice
Relationship focused on strengthening professional identity and practiceRelationship is collaborative and confirming
Formal relationshipLess formalised
What the mentoring program is NOT
  • Free supervision. Mentoring is not supervision and should not be seen as a substitute.
  • Coaching to obtain AASW credentials. Your mentor may share their journey to obtaining their credential, but they are not to coach or support you in applying for a credential. A credential application should contain your own work and knowledge.
  • A job finding or industrial relations service.
  • A mentor can provide invaluable support and guidance across a range of topics including mental health, they are not your therapist.
Informal mentoring relationships

Are you already in an informal mentoring relationship? If so, let us know and you can apply to formalise it through the AASW Mentoring Program. We can support you with guidance and resources. Both parties have to be members of the AASW for us to provide this service. Just another great reason to join AASW!

Remember, AASW membership includes professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Mentoring is a social work activity and you would be covered under our policy if you join.


The AASW Community Hub: Mentoring Group

We have set up a special Mentoring Group in the AASW Community Hub. It operates very similarly to a Facebook Group. Network with your fellow mentoring program participants and reflect on the program. You will need to log into the website to access the Hub.


Did you know that participating in the Mentoring Program counts towards your CPD?

If you are a mentee, you can claim hours to Category 1. The AASW CPD Policy recommends a minimum of 10 hours in this category. You should note that mentoring is not clinical supervision. You can find a social worker offering professional supervision on our Find a Supervisor portal. [link to portal]

If you are a mentor, you can claim hours to Category 3. The AASW CPD Policy recommends a minimum of five hours in this category.