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AMHSW Member News

The AMHSW Member News is emailed to 2200 Accredited Mental Health Social Workers across Australia monthly. It delivers mental health and related industry news about activities, opportunities and issues related to social work, mental health, Medicare, Primary Health Networks, the Department of Veteran Affairs, CPD and more.

It is accessible only to the AASW's Accredited Mental Health Social Workers.

A sample of the new-look AMHSW Member News

Publication schedule

The publications dates for 2021 are as follows. The Mental Health e-News accepts advertising and is exceptionally good value, given its high open rate of 55 to 60 per cent. The 2021 booking form is now available.

Publication date


Publication date


13 Jan

8 Jan

14 Jul

9 Jul

10 Feb

5 Feb

11 Aug

6 Aug

10 Mar

5 Mar

8 Sep

3 Sep

14 Apr

9 Apr

13 Oct

8 Oct

12 May

7 May

10 Nov

5 Nov

9 Jun

4 Jun

8 Dec

3 Dec

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