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Social Work Focus

Social Work Focus - summer edition 2019Social Work Focus is our membership magazine. The Australian Association of Social Workers produces Social Work Focus to inform members of innovative practice, reflections, research and advice, as well as honouring the achievements of our members.

The Association has 12,000 members, all of whom are emailed a digital copy of our magazine four times a year in three accessible formats - PDF, accessible website and a flipbook. We also print a limited number of copies to promote the Association to our stakeholders.

The magazine has been in existence since 2016, when it replaced a previous publication called National Bulletin. This coincided with the Association's 70th anniversary celebrations, heralding a new era of modern and fresh communications with members, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to reach our members, who are either qualified social workers or students studying a social work degree.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our members are a dedicated group of professionals who are actively seeking products and information to support them in their practice. Access to CPD is first on the list, with knowledge and information following closely. The Your Distinction program is our accreditation/credentialing program, which will mean social workers will require access to CPD, knowledge and information to support those credentials. Accredited Mental Health Social Workers require these products to maintain eligibility to provide mental health services under Medicare.

Do you have those products and services that would be of benefit to our members? Then all our publications, including Social Work Focus, is the place to be seen. See below for advertising rates and timelines.

Find out more about the Association's overall service and business in the last Annual Report.

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Our readers - the members

The respondents of our most recent member satisfaction survey, conducted in 2018, had the following characteristics:

  • Our members are 83 per cent female
  • The average age is 48 years
  • They have been a member an average of 9.5 years
  • 30 per cent were Accredited Mental Health Social Workers
  • 26 per cent were Accredited Social Workers
  • There is roughly an equal one third split between those working for Government, NGO and private practice

What is most professionally important to those who responded were:

  1. Access to CPD
  2. Being informed of issues impacting the profession/access to information
  3. Accreditation status
  4. Commitment to professional standards and ethics
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