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Social Work Focus

Social Work Focus is our membership magazine. The Australian Association of Social Workers produces Social Work Focus to inform you of innovative practice, reflections, research and advice, as well as honouring the achievements of members. We also update you on the latest AASW position statements and our strategic direction.

These are 2020 publications dates:

  • Summer 2020 (special theme - Mental Health) - publish 26 February, deadline 10 January
  • Autumn 2020 (special theme – Asia Pacific and Disaster Recovery) – publish 29 May, deadline 27 March
  • Winter 2020 – (special theme - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work) publish 28 August, deadline 26 June
  • Spring 2020– (special theme - Clinical Social Work) publish 27 November, deadline 25 September

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The ISSN for Social Work Focus is ISSN 2209-0053.

The Autumn/Winter 2020 edition's theme is The Asia Pacific Region; and Disaster Recovery. Thank you to all who contributed to this edition.

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Autumn/Winter 2020 edition of Social Work Focus: Thi Pham

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