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Queensland Branch/Griffith University World Social Work Day - March 2022

The Qld Branch of the AASW once again collaborated with Griffith University, School of Health Sciences and Social Work for this years WSWD celebrations on Tuesday evening, 15 March.

We all were very much looking forward to celebrating the 2022 World Social Work Day event, and were keen to focus our attention on this year’s theme ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’.

As we all intimately deal with the environmental disasters affecting local and global systems, and most recently the devastating floods impacting Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs, we invited all to join this event to learn and discuss how eco social work can provide valuable contributions in these critical times.

We were excited to have Dr Heather Boetto explore these critical questions of the profession and practice.

Prior and after the presentation, a Time Capsule Activity took place. Two questions were posed to all in attendance (What does Social Work mean to you? & What do you think Social Work will look like in 10 years time?) and then again after the same two questions were posed, asking the attendees to take into consideration and reflect on Heather's presentation to inform their answers.

All answers and some momentos of 2022 will be stored in the time capsule and kept on display at Griffith University, Logan Campus, to be opened by the future students and Social Workers in 2032.

Thanks to the Working Group for organising another successful World Social Work Day and all those who attended, it was a wonderful night to share with you all!

The Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce - Stakeholder Consultation - March 2022

Queensland Branch BMC Member Stephanie Chen attended as a representative of the Branch at the Stakeholder Consultation on Thursday 10 March 2022.

The Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce was established by the Queensland Government to examine

- Coercive control and review the need for a specific offence
- The experience of women across the criminal justice system

Photo: Stephanie Chen (AASW Qld BMC Member) and The Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC

Queensland Branch BMC Meetings and Catch-ups

Branch Management Committee Christmas Lunch 2021

Stephanie Chen (BMC Member & CPD & Membership Engagement SC Member)
Yasmin Dunn (Branch President, CPD & ME, Social Policy & Advocacy SC Member)
Karina Maxwell (BMC Member, First Nations & Allies SC Convenor)
Rachel Austin (Branch Services Co-ordinator)

Branch Management Committee Planning Day - February 2022

Rachel Austin (Branch Services Co-ordinator)
Yasmin Dunn (Branch President, CPD & ME, Social Policy & Advocacy SC Member)
Stephanie Chen (BMC Member & CPD & Membership Engagement SC Member)
BEni McKenzie (BMC Member & First Nations & Allies SC Member)

Karina Maxwell (BMC Member & First Nations & Allies SC Convenor)
Siobhan Delgado (BMC Member & Practice Group SC Member)
Lillian Flanagan (BMC Member & CPD & ME SC Member)
Yaleela Torrens (BMC Member & First Nations and Allies SC Convenor)

Queensland Child Protection Awards - September 2021

Qld Child Protection Week - Awards and Dinner 5 - 11 September 2021

Child protection week culminates in a celebration of people involved in the sector to honour the work of committed and passionate social workers and other disciplines.

Queensland Branch 75th Anniversary Celebrations - Sept 2021

2021 marked 75 years of the AASW! The Branch celebrated in September, members and panelists for an evening of networking, face to face and online.

Opening the night with a traditional Welcome to Country, was Songwoman Maroochy Barambah, Aboriginal Elder from Brisbane. Songwoman Maroochy is of Turrbal and Gubbi Gubbi ancestry with additional bloodline connections to Wakka Wakka, Kamilaroi and Birri Gubba Country. Maroochy was born on Cherbourg Aboriginal Reserve in South East Queensland and is the Songwoman and Law-woman of the Turrbal Tribe.

Linda Ford, Professor Karen Healy, Dr Fotina Hardy, the Hon. Matt Foley and Dr Jennifer Boddy were panelists on the night and we heard of reflections about their remarkable careers, the AASW and the next decade of social work in Australia.

Please enjoy the below photo's of the evening, showcasing memoribilia, our wonderful members and panelists.

History slide show >

AASW / University Student Awards

Australian Association of Social Workers (Queensland Branch) Award - 2022

Emily Kimbrall - QUT Award Recipient with A/Head of School, Sharon Bentley

Australian Association of Social Workers (Queensland Branch) Award - 2021

Manon Engelbert - QUT Award Recipient and Yasmin Dunn - Branch President

Australian Association of Social Workers (Queensland Branch) Award - 2019

Ellen Beaumont - Qld Branch President and Alex Swinton - QUT Award Recipient

Griffith Student Awards

Queensland Branch Forum - February 2019

Queensland Branches State Conference 2016

History Project

1946 - 1956 Highlights

A Queensland Pioneer
The Beginnings of a Branch
The National AASW is formed
From little things, big things grow......

1957 - 1966 Highlights

The social work role in the 'birth' of ACOSS
Pioneering social work education in Queensland
From 'worthiness' to 'need' - Branch Advocacy takes flight
A Code of Ethics for the profession

1967 - 1976 - Coming soon!

1977 - 1986 - Coming soon!

1987 - 1996 - Coming soon!

1996 - 2006 Highlights

Contribution to CPE Policy
Launch of the 'Respect Campaign'
AASW National Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
50 years of the AASW
Advocacy for registration by title

2006 - 2016 Highlights

Horizon Career Centre launched
AASW National President - media statement released in regards to the 2013 Apology into Forced Adoptions by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Better Access Campaign
Refugee and Asylum Seeker Advocacy

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