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Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group

Terms of Reference for the AASW (QLD) Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group

Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the Clinical and Mental Health Practice group is to provide a regular forum for discussing mental health issues and practice as part of the AASW Queensland Branch.

Specifically the group will:

  • Advocate for and support consumers, families, carers and others affected by mental health illness
  • Promote and advocate the unique contribution social work brings to practice in the delivery of services to people with mental health illness and issues
  • Provide advice to AASW QLD about trends, issues, needs and solutions relevant to mental health practitioners
  • Function as a peer group in which contemporary professional and practice issues can be discussed
  • Plan, develop and provide advice to AASW QLD on continuing professional development activities that encourages the development of practice in mental health
  • Promote contemporary clinical interventions in Social Work practice


Pursuant to the Australian Association of Social Workers Bylaws:

  1. There will be at least five members involved in the group
  2. Non-members of the AASW may be practice group members

Reporting Requirements

The Mental Health Practice Group will;

  1. Provide copies of meeting minutes to the AASW (QLD) Branch Management Committee.
  2. Provide copies of any Practice Group submissions, advice and/or statements to the AASW (QLD) Branch Management Committee.


The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of approval to ensure it accurately reflects the practice group’s activities. Any changes to the terms of reference must be approved by the AASW (QLD) Branch Management Committee.

Further information, meetings and Co-convenor details

Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group

Practice Groups are a way to share, increase and disseminate knowledge between social workers with a particular sphere of interest or regional base.

Key benefits of the Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group:

  • Get connected with a group of peers who share your practice interests and/or geographical area.
  • Contribute to social policy and social justice initiatives under the auspices of the professional association for social work.
  • Resource sharing and access to evolving information in the field.
  • Involvement in Practice Groups collects Category 3 CPD hours.
  • Contribute to research activity and hear about what is happening in our area
  • Work to address systemically issues arising for individual Mental Health Social Workers

What is the Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group?

The CMHPG provides a forum for social workers to network and participate in skill building processes. It is ideal for social workers currently working in the field of Mental Health or Clinical Social Work or those who are considering pursuing a career in this field of practice. The Group works to assist members to develop best practice and remain up to date with current trends in the field and in research.

What are the Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group's main activities?

The CMHPG bi-monthly events often host guest speakers with expertise in topical issues, we have networking events and when the opportunity arises we have larger events to cater to the needs of membership.

How can I get involved?

Membership is open to all Social Workers and students of Social Work.

Registration is FREE. Contact AASW (QLD) at to be added to the CMHPG email listing.

Brisbane meetings are held bi-monthly at 36-40 Clarence Street, South Brisbane.

An agenda or indication of the topic for the meeting will be circulated or uploaded closer to the meeting.

Each meeting is catered. Please bring a $5 contribution for associated costs.

Join us via Teleconference

Teleconference details can only be sent to Qld Members of the AASW.

Teleconference details will be emailed to you prior to the meeting - please ensure that you register to receive the details.

Please note if calling in via mobile phone you will be charged the call rates of your telecommunication provider. Rates for dialling in via the local number or 1800 number will vary depending on your carrier.

The practice group leadership includes:

Jessica Lambert - (Chair) -

Rebecca Medway (Secretary) -

Sally Young, Georgia Hunt and Claire Walsh (Leadership Members)

Register to participate in the AASW Queensland Branch Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group (C&MHPG) Online Networking Area

The Clinical and Mental Health Practice Group is focused on improving the health and well-being of people affected by mental illness including matters related to clinical practice, education, research, advocacy, reducing mental illness stigma and discrimination, increasing consumer and carer participation, and improving policy and legislation. We are interested in working with other Social Workers and providing opportunities to connect and share ideas on mental health issues. The AASW Online Networking Area allows the option of real time conversations to occur and for Social Workers to post their thoughts, suggestions and practice wisdom about all things mental health.

If you are interested in participating in the C&MHPG group via the AASW Online Networking Area you need to join the group by registering on the SWOT site of the AASW website (if you have not done so already), go to the Networking Area and register. Once you have registered please contact the site administrator Georgia Hunt to finalise your registration and commence ‘chatting’.

I look forward to talking to you online.

Kind regards

Georgia Hunt

Contact us

5/43 Vanessa Blvd

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Phone: 07 3090 3718

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Monday to Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm

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