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AASW Collective Trade Marks

The AASW continues to campaign for inclusion in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS). Please refer to our Registration Campaign page for more information.

As part of the AASW’s goal to strengthen the regulation of the social work profession in Australia, a legally protected Collective Trade Mark is now available for use by eligible Accredited AASW members.

The Collective Trade Mark helps to improve public safety and protection and offers a new approach to credentialing professional social workers as well as a form of title protection for Accredited Social Workers.

Accredited Social Workers

The trade marked logos (pictured beneath) can now be displayed by eligible AASW members to indicate they are genuine, professionally trained and accountable; and commit to, and complete, a minimum amount of ongoing,annual professional development.

The Accredited trade mark is the gold standard in professional recognition and communicates to employers, clients and other professionals that the social worker:

  • Has an AASW Accredited degree level qualification (or overseas equivalent) in social work
  • Is a member of the AASW, the professional body for social workers in Australia
  • Has made a commitment to ethical practice and is accountable to the AASW's complaints process
  • commits to, and has completed the minimum amount of annual, ongoing continuing professional development


(Social Workers displaying the Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Trade Mark have also been formally assessed by the AASW, on behalf of the Australian Government, as having specialist expertise, skills and experience in the field of mental health - click here for information on becoming an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker).

The AASW has registered an additional trade mark logo for AASW Social Workers

Social workers displaying the AASW Social Worker logo have a university degree level qualification in social work, are members of the AASW, have committed to, and practice under a strict Code of Ethics and are accountable to a complaints process.

Marketing and Communication Strategy

A full marketing and communication strategy is in progress aimed at informing members, employers, educators, peak bodies and other key stakeholders about the trade marks and their significance.

In the absence of formal registration and legal protection of title for the social work profession in Australia to date, use of the Trade Mark immediately identifies those social workers who are legitimate, professionally trained and bound by a Code of Ethics; and distinguishes them from others using the term who may not have legitimate social work credentials. This is a pivotal point for the AASW in offering a form of title protection, strengthening the self regulatory functions of the AASW and aiming to improve public safety – the most important priority.

For information about how to register to use one of the three trade marks, click here.

For further information about recognising an AASW social worker and to access the public register of social workers registered to use the trade marks, click here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Senior Manager Ethics & Standards at

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers