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World Social Work Day 2021

World Social Work Day is on the 16th March 2021. It is the key day in the year that social workers worldwide stand together to advance our common message globally.

The theme for World Social Work Day 2021 is:

Ubuntu: I am Because We are – Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness

´Ubuntu´ originates from the indigenous peoples of South Africa and was popularized across the world by Nelson Mandela. Ubuntu: ‘I am because we are’ is a word, concept and philosophy that resonates with the social work perspective of the interconnectedness of all peoples and their environments. It speaks to the need for global solidarity and also highlights indigenous knowledge and wisdom.

Silvana Martinez, IFSW President commented:

The theme comes from extensive consultation within IFSW and beyond. At a time when global politics has retreated into nationalism, Ubuntu is a powerful message on the need for solidarity at all levels: within communities, societies and globally. It is a message that all people are interconnected and that our future is dependent on recognizing all peoples involvement in co-building a sustainable, fair and socially just future. IFSW invites all social workers, partner organizations and people who care about the future to co-brand the poster. Together we can change world for this and future generations.


To see a full list of World Social Work Day events happening near you click the following link:

AASW World Social Work Day Events

CPD Promotion

To celebrate World Social Work Day the AASW is offering 20% off the following on-demand Professional Development opportunities throughout the month of March.

These offers were selected in spirit of the theme Ubuntu: ‘I am Because We Are’ – Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness.

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