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AASW reconciliation in South Australia

National Reconciliation Week 2019

The SA Branch will again be celebrating NRW this year: 27 May –3 June 2019 .

You can celebrate NRW to!

Simply look a the NRW calendar to search events in your local area, and visit our ‘Get involved’ page for event and activity ideas. If you are hosting multiple NRW events, please register them separately.

Before submitting you event, please check it meets the following guidelines:

☑ My event is intended to increase awareness of reconciliation through the celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and achievements
☑ My event contributes to the improvement of relationships and respect between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples


NAIDOC have a list of suggestions of how to celebrate:


Here are some valuable resources and services to inform / assist yourself and your colleagues in addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander understanding and well being:

Map of Indigenous Australia

Flags of Indigenous‌

Advanced Social Work Practice by Dr Christine Fejo-King Social Worker

Indigenous Allied Health


Aboriginal people, activists & role models

Education Resources

SA Gov Services

Indigenous HealthNet

We welcome your input to expand this

Note: some Aboriginal people prefer to be known by that name or their country name, some from North East Australia prefer Torres Strait Islander, some are happy with the term Indigenous and some are not.

Talk with Aboriginal people to find out their preference.

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