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Events Calendar

South Australia

Date Event Location
24th June 2015 Western Region Evening Networking session

24th June 2015


Wheatsheaf Hotel

Come and join your colleagues for a drink and the opportunity to make new contacts with social workers in your region.

Wheatsheaf Hotel
3 & 4 September 2015 Berri CPD Program 2015

Come and join in one or all three of these events in the Berri Hotel.

14 September 2015 A Hypothetical in Ethical Decision Making frameworks in Child Protection

A Hypothetical to challenge your professional judgements and decision making processes!

You will be privy to a stimulating evening of a Q & A session with non-government and public service practitioners in all roles and areas.

Tricky questions we be addressed covering the best strategies to support children who are at risk of being abused.

30 September 2015 Strengths-Based Supervision: THAT SPARKLES!

How many sparkling moments can you recall from your experience of professional supervision?

If you are like many of us and are searching for new ways to build meaningful, change-oriented supervisory conversations this highly original workshop is designed to reimagine possibilities and renew and refresh our whole approach to supervision.

7th Oct 2015 Field Practicums - Setting up an Integrated Learning Framework
Endorsed CPD: 1 day workshop

Acting as a mentor and guide to a student provides a unique learning environment that often the students holds dear for their whole career. Preparing students for the real world post their qualification also takes dedication and commitment.

Adelaide, SA
17th October - 14th November 2015 Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy
Endorsed CPD - Diploma

This course is designed to teach hypnosis to clinicians working primarily as psychotherapists. Participants have the choice of learning the fundamentals only, or developing more advanced hypnotic skills by completing the complete program. The use of hypnosis enhances effectiveness across a range of presenting problems, including depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia and PTSD and is thus a very useful adjunct to most interventions.

*FPS Relevant Activity*

22nd Oct 2015 Treating Complex Trauma with Dr Leah Giarratano
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

The emphasis of this two-day training program is upon imparting practical, accessible skills to use immediately with survivors of complex trauma (especially child abuse and neglect).

* FPS Relevant Activity *
Adelaide, SA
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