Specialist Learning Programs and Workshops

Specialist Learning Programs and Workshops

The AASW Education and Training team are award-winning Learning and Development specialists.

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Our team offer live-online CPD webinars, virtual workshops and learning programs tailored to meet your professional development needs.

Do you want to complete CPD in your own time? Our online learning library holds a vast array of titles and topics, available anytime from anywhere.

These award winning scenario-based eLearning modules provide an immersive learning experience and have made a significant difference in building the skills of our social workers and frontline allied health workers. What’s even better? These courses are now available complementary for all AASW Graduate Members.

Why should you enrol?

Immersive Learning: Our online, on-demand modules offer a secure virtual environment for participants to practice essential social work skills, including risk assessment, case formulation, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Engaging Exercises and Simulated Scenarios: Through interesting exercises, case studies, and simulated scenarios, participants will develop the confidence and expertise necessary for success in their roles.

Supervisee and Supervisor Guides: Beyond the online experience, the modules provide valuable supervisee and supervisor guides, supporting ongoing learning and development.

To help social workers respond to those affected by these severe disasters, AASW has developed a comprehensive CPD program.  This disaster training package includes a series of live online webinars and workshops:

  1. Live Webinar 25 June, 2024: “Beyond Disaster and Tragedy: A Trauma Informed Response to Engage and Create Support for Survivors
  2. Live Webinar 1 Aug, 2024: “When Disaster Strikes – A Mental Health Social Work Response to the NSW 2020 Bushfires”
  3. Live Workshop 22 Aug, 2024: Building Trauma Informed Skillsets When Responding After A Disaster
  4. Live Workshop 22 Oct, 2024: Beyond Tragedy: Age Appropriate Trauma Informed Interventions for Post Traumatic Events
  5. Live Workshop Feb, 2025: Beyond Tragedy: Implementing Single Session Applications When Working With Families In Post Traumatic Events

Australia has faced numerous natural disasters recently, including bushfires, floods, cyclones and droughts.  The intensity and severity of these events appear to be increasing, leading to significant community impacts:

  • Loss of life, injuries, and displacement
  • Psychological stress
  • Damage to infrastructure, including housing
  • Economic impacts, such as loss of earnings and disruption to tourism
  • Environmental damage
  • Agricultural losses

Our communities have also been affected by various non-environmental disasters, such as the Lindt Cafe Siege, Bourke Street attacks, Plympton mass stabbing, Hunter Valley wedding bus crash, recent Bondi stabbing, and ongoing domestic violence incidents.  Additionally, the pandemic, housing crisis, and rising cyberattacks have caused financial hardship and psychological impacts.

AASW is pleased to bring a revised and upgraded Advanced Supervision Program. This program offers a comprehensive and specialised curriculum designed to enhance experienced supervisor skills and knowledge across various practice areas. It is an 8 week evidence-based program with self-paced eLearning, virtual online collaborative workshops, facilitator led masterclasses, and coaching circles.

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Becoming a supervisor can be a daunting next step in your social work career. This introductory course will prepare you to provide best practice supervision, create a safe and reflective space, and support the professional learning and growth of those you supervise. This virtual workshop series will equip you with contemporary knowledge, tools and skills and set you on a clear path to building your confidence and competence as a supervisor.

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Diaphragmatic Breathing (DB) is evidence-based, non-pharmacological, non-invasive, cost-effective, and simple. Social workers are ideally placed to integrate DB for chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders and trauma. This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to experience, and learn and develop proficiency in slow, diaphragmatic breathing as a simple skill for mental health practice.

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EMDR is a therapy designed to assist those suffering trauma and has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation as an effective treatment for children and adults. This course provides participants with an overview of the therapy to better inform their decision to commence level 1 training as an EMDR Practitioner (FPS under Medicare).

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