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Mental Health Social Work and Contemporary Practice Symposium 2022

Registrations Open!

Welcome to what will be the Australian Association of Social Workers’ (AASW) flagship Symposium for 2022.

This one-day, online Symposium will explore mental health and contemporary practice from a social work perspective.

Almost half of all adults are likely to face mental ill-health at some stage in their life and the rates of mental ill-health among younger Australians are alarming. Professionals across medical and non-medical models of mental health care are making significant strides in novel approaches to care, and social work is central to this movement.

The changes in mental health approaches, practice and research make this symposium critical to all social workers at the frontline of practice, social work management and academia.

Being held on 17 November 2022, the Symposium will bring to the fore the cutting-edge in mental health discussion and practice. Keynote speakers and panel discussions will bring lively and thought-provoking debate to contemporary practice.

A rich and rewarding program will be offered, giving attendees practical learnings and take- aways.

Panel themes for 2022 are:

Panel 1 - Revolutionising Social Work Private Practice: Are we ready for anticipated future demand? Discuss

Chair talking points:

  • Latest developments and practices in the delivery of social work mental health services
  • Ensuring holistic care
  • Supervision
  • Evolving landscape

Panel 2 - Leading-Edge Mental Health Practice: Are social workers paving the way? Discuss

Chair talking points:

  • Neurodiversity and inclusive practice
  • Trauma and neuroscience: therapeutic approaches and healing
  • Mental health promotion and the social determinants of health
  • Advocacy and current policy reforms

Panel 3 - Pandemics, Mental Health and NDIS: Taking forward lessons learned to redefine the value of social work. Discuss

Chair talking points:

  • COVID-19 and mental health awareness
  • Youth
  • NDIS
  • Standards, credentials and exemplary practice
Program structure:
The Mental Health Social Work and Contemporary Practice Symposium will offer attendees a full day of insightful, practical and novel information that will challenge and promote new learnings. Blending keynote speakers with panel discussions, each session will bring forward new concepts, discuss existing practices and give attendees the most up to date subject knowledge available.

Who will attend?

  • Social workers, allied health, health and social services practitioners
  • Researchers, educators and Higher Education Providers
  • Leaders and decision makers in the health, advocacy and social services sectors
  • Affiliated associations, agencies and organisations
  • Government Departments
  • Students of social work and other related health and social services courses
When will more information be available?
Visit the symposium website for more information. Registrations are now open.

Registrations Open!
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