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Mentoring Program 2023

Welcome to the home of the AASW Mentoring Program for 2023.

The AASW received an overwhelmingly positive response from all participants in the last two Cycles, and we have many Expressions of Interest for the 2023 Cycle.

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See what our members had to say about 2022.

Mentoring can provide fabulous benefits for both mentees and mentors alike. Through a structured mentoring program, mentee participants can harness the knowledge, skills and experience from their mentors, to provide them greater awareness and opportunity within the social work sector. For mentor participants, the opportunity to “give back” to the social work profession, and or to contribute to the future of the next generation of social workers is so important.

The application process will be conducted in separate stages:

  • Mentors: 16 January – 10 February (Mentors from Cycle 1 & 2, waitlisted mentors and general membership)
  • Mentees: 10 February – 28 February (Waitlisted mentees)
  • General membership mentees (if capacity permits)

Please note, for ALL participants, the application form for Cycle 3 is different from Cycle 2, so if you are interested in the program in 2023, you need to apply again this year.

First, are you eligible to participate?


  • Financial member of the AASW
  • Minimum of five (5) years practising social work
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to contribute to the future of the social work profession
  • Retired or life members are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Any financial member of the AASW (any category), including but not limited to:
  • Internationally qualified social workers who are new to the Australian social work profession
  • Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work (Qualifying) students
  • Recently graduated from Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work (Qualifying).

Do you want to be a mentor? Applications open 16 January 2023

Applications open on 16 January

Do you want to be mentored (a mentee)?

If you completed an Expression of Interest form during 2022 or if you applied to the 2022 Mentoring Program and were unsuccessful, you will receive an email with an invitation to apply on 10 February.

Applications will be open to the general membership if we require more applications on 20 February.

If you have any questions, please email

Mentoring handbook

Further information can be found in the Mentoring Program handbook.

When will I find out whether or not I've been accepted into the program?

All mentees and mentors will be advised of the outcomes of their applications by 21 March via email.

Key program dates

Date Action
16 January Applications for Mentors Open
10 February

Mentor Applications Close

10 February Applications for mentees Open (Cycle 3 waitlist)
20 February IF REQUIRED - Applications for mentees open to general membership
28 February Mentee Applications Close
1-14 March Pairing / matching review
14-28 March Communication of results to all applicants
4 April Online information session for all mentors and mentees
7-10 April Easter
11 April Formal Program commences
30 June Mid-program review and survey
12 September Post program review and survey
10 October Online conclusion event for all mentors and mentees
13 October Formal Program concludes


Did you know that participating in the Mentoring Program counts towards your CPD?

If you are a mentee, you can claim hours to Category 1. The AASW CPD Policy recommends a minimum of 10 hours in this category. You should note that mentoring is not clinical supervision. You can find a social worker offering professional supervision on our Find a Supervisor portal.

If you are a mentor, you can claim hours to Category 3. The AASW CPD Policy recommends a minimum of five hours in this category.

Informal mentoring relationships

Are you already in an informal mentoring relationship? If so, let us know and you can apply to formalise it through the AASW Mentoring Program. We can support you with guidance and resources. Both parties have to be members of the AASW for us to provide this service. Just another great reason to join AASW! Email us at

Remember, AASW membership includes professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Mentoring is a social work activity and you would be covered under our policy if you join.

The AASW Hub: Mentoring Group

We have set up a special Mentoring Group in the AASW Hub. It operates very similarly to a Facebook Group. Network with your fellow mentoring program participants and reflect on the program. You will need to log into the website to access the Hub.

Join today.

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