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CPD Endorsement

CPD Endorsement is a Quality Assurance process whereby CPD activities are assessed and endorsed against a set of quality criteria. The purpose of endorsing CPD activities is to:

  • Provide quality assurance to social workers by applying minimum Quality Standards to endorsed CPD activities;
  • Provide social workers guidance as to which activities might be appropriate for their professional development needs, by advertising endorsed activities in a standardised template that outlines target audience, presenter credentials, activity rating, and learning outcomes; and
  • Promote and encourage ongoing commitment to social work professional standards.

CPD Endorsement may be requested by external providers of CPD activities, by following the application process below. Gaining endorsement for CPD activities allows external providers to promote their activities as being of a quality standard suitable for the professional development of social workers.

Once endorsed, an external CPD provider has the authority to use the ‘AASW Endorsed’ logo. The endorsed activity will be listed on the AASW CPD Events page using the standardised promotional template.

Please note we now have capacity to endorse events such as conferences, forums or symposiums.

Should you wish to advertise your event in one of our publications, either electronic or hard copy please visit the publications section of our website for further information.

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