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Free online professional development opportunities

The CPD Resources Page provides a list of free to access online professional development opportunities, relevant to Social Workers.

If you are aware of other free CPD opportunities that are relevant to Social Workers please feel email the CPD team Please note: the following list of providers may not be endorsed, and therefore have not all been through our formal quality assurance process. The following providers have been listed for the information of AASW members interested in online CPD. There are free opportunities available in our Events calendar also, these are either events hosted by the AASW Branches or by external providers that have obtained AASW CPD endorsement.

Provider and information
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health The Federal Department of Human Services has developed five online guides tailored for primary health care professionals to better manage and improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

DHS website

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) have developed a range of e-learning resources for use of mental health professionals. The RANZCP are interested in supporting health professionals in improving their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Care to achieve better outcomes

RANZCP website

Child abuse and family violence Women's Legal Services NSW have developed 'Ask LOIS' which is a secure website providing free legal online information services for community workers in NSW.

Ask LOIS website and

Factsheet on child abuse

Child, family and community welfare

The Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange provides free resources and interactive support for professionals working in the child, family and community welfare sectors including:

  • papers and online resources with a focus on strengthening practice and supporting policy
  • a regular webinar series for professionals working with children, families and communities
  • a helpdesk service to provide tailored assistance with enquiries about the latest stats and facts, evaluation and research, and issues for policy and practice
CFCA website
Culture and mental health Flinders, Newcastle, Central Queensland, Edith Cowan Universities, as well as the Federal Government and the Office for Learning and Teaching, have contributed to the developed of some online resources, as part of the 'Reshaping curricula: integrating culturally diverse/mental health online content to prepare work ready health professionals' project. Flinders University website
Dementia care

Dementia Training Study Centre, funded through the Federal Government has packaged several courses including:

  • Advancing Practice in Dementia Care
  • Caring for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people with Dementia.
  • Evidence based tools for BPSD Assessment
  • Sexualities and Dementia
  • Physical comorbidities of Dementia
Dementia Training Study Centre website
End of life care End of Life Essentials is a project which has been funded by the Commonwealth Government. Flinders University partnered with CareSearch and developed with the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care have prepared free online education modules and resources for allied health professionals, nurses and doctors working in acute hospitals CareSearch website
Health and Aged care

National Relay Service, is a Federal Government initiative for health professionals to gain greater awareness and understanding of the relay service.

National Relay Service website

Health Think GP provides news and education to health professionals across Australia

Think GP website

Health (Women's)

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a provider of choice and high quality, evidence based, specialist women's health learning opportunities for health professionals. Education is provided via a range of channels including: online, face to face and practical resources. Jean Hailes has also received Australian Government funding to become the national gateway for women's health - so their website will be regularly updated with content and educational opportunities.

Jean Hailes website
Family Violence An innovative Primary care program Advancing Competency to support family violence survivors, created through funding from the Federal Government, and developed by Monash University in collaboration with ANU, University of Melbourne and University of Newcastle PACTS project website
Intellectual Disability and Mental Health This website has been developed collaboratively by NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Ageing, Disability and Home Care), the NSW Ministry of Health (Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office) and the Health and Education and Training Institute. The site provides free eLearning about intellectual disability to professionals, carers, and consumers. Our goal is to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence, leading to better mental health and wellbeing for people with an intellectual disability.

ID MH e-Learning website

Mental Health

Headspace (the National Youth Mental Health Foundation) offers free accredited online training on youth health and wellbeing for Allied Health professionals. The accredited training modules outline the essentials of evidence-informed practice to assist clinicians in their work with young people.

Module 1 is available now on Youth Mental Health.
Mental Health The Centre for Clinical Interventions is a specialist state-wide program that is administered through North Metropolitan Health Services in Western Australia. They conduct clinically applied psychosocial research and provide training and supervision for various psychological interventions. CCI has produced resources for consumers and professionals to assist in providing interventions for mental health problems. Some resources have been developed so that they can be delivered over the World Wide Web, while others have been produced as part of CCI’s clinical and training services. The resources provided aim to provide general information about various mental health problems, as well as, techniques that focus on a cognitive behavioural approach to managing difficulties. Centre for Clinical Interventions website
Mental Health

Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) is a Government-funded project aiming to improve interdisciplinary mental health practice and collaborative care. MHPN support primary mental health practitioners through local networks and through a professional development webinar program.

MHPN website
Mental Health

MHPOD is an online professional development resource. MHPOD features a number of topics, based on the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce, each with evidence-based content, multimedia (video and audio), interactive activities, knowledge check questions and suggested reference material. MHPOD offers a convenient way for practitioners to learn more about mental health at a place and time of their choosing; it can be adapted to support group learning activities; or integrated into existing learning program curricula.

Note: On 30 June 2017, the MHPOD state websites will be merged into a single website that allows for self-registration.

Information for existing users who re-register with their current email address:

If you register with the same email address you currently use, the system will automatically transfer any previously earned credits.

Information for existing users who re-register with a different email address:

If you use a different email address, a function called ‘Find my work’ will enable you to transfer credits using your previous username and password.

We strongly suggest you record your current username and password so that the new website can automatically credit you with your past course completions when using the ‘Find my work’ function. You can check your details via the “Profile” tab after logging in.

If you don’t use your current email address or you don’t remember your previous username and password (for example you are relying on your web browser to remember these details) the new system will not be able to restore your previously earned credits.

Need further assistance? Visit our the MHPOD Help page or email

MHPOD website

Mental Health British Royal College of Psychiatry has a plethora of professional development opportunities, a number of which are free. British RCPsychiatry website
Social Work Podsocs, is an initiative of the School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University. We bring you up-to-the minute research, diverse and sometimes controversial perspectives on social phenomena and focus on knowledge and skills needed in the human services. The podcast's are specifically for social workers on the run, bringing you topics of interest for all human services practitioners, students and academics. Podsocs website
Social Work Field Education

University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and Monash University have developed a resource website to assist field educators, external supervisors, academics and students involved in social work field education. This website is the outcome of an Australian research project on assessment in social work field education and pre-service teacher professional experience

Social Work Field Assessment website

Suicide Prevention The Salvation Army Hope for Life Suicide Prevention & Bereavement Support provides information, resources and training for those that support people who are at risk of suicide or have lost a loved one to suicide.

Salvation Army website

Supervision with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff The Health Department in the Northern Territory Government have developed resources called 'Yarning about work' 2016, to support social work/human service staff to provide supervision to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. Yarning about work documents
Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) is the national non government peak body in Australia representing the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.

SNAICC website

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Metaphorically Speaking has developed a podcast 'Talk the walk' which endeavours to put legs on social work in Indigenous communities through story. New episodes are uploaded regularly. Metaphorically speaking website subscription



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