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Advocacy and related information

The evidence provided by the National Study of Social Work Students 2015-16 is being used to campaign for better student allowances and increasing the number of students who are entitled to government support. To date, we have advocated in the following ways:

Media releases and formal submissions

International conference presentation

On Monday 27 June, AASW policy staff presented 'The impact of low levels of income on the life and study success of social work students in Australia' at the World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development in Seoul, Korea.

Further research

Over the next 18 months the research findings will be reported in academic literature. Other researchers are encouraged to replicate aspects of this national study at the local level and the survey questions may be helpful.

One of the questions that evidence from National Study of Social Work Students 2015 raises is: 'Why is it that social work students are so much more financially disadvantaged than other university students in Australia?' Social work researchers are encouraged to investigate this question further.

Related information

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