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Key documents

Registration and Title Protection in Australia

For much of our history, the AASW has strived to achieve registration and protection of title for professional social workers. The AASW Board is committed to achieving these goals. The following documents provide more information about our actions and advocacy in this area.

Social Workers Registration Bill 2018 Inquiry Submission


AASW Q&A on South Australian social worker registration

AASW Submission to the Review of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health professions

Evidence of harm caused by social workers: Australian and overseas examples

Risk to the public and unintended consequences of excluding Social Workers from the National Registration Accreditation Scheme

The profession of social work and the unintended consequences of a two tiered system on workforce and service sustainability

Protecting the health and wellbeing of Australians - A submission to Health Ministers on the national regulation of the social work profession

NRAS and the National Regulation of Social Work: Implications for social workers in non-health settings

AASW Submission to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) Re: A National Code of Conduct for health care workers

AASW Position Paper: Introduction of a national Code of Conduct for unregistered practitioners

Registration and Title Protection: Directions Paper for 2013.

Registration FAQ's

Registration is a means of enforcing safe and competent practice and to protect the public from practitioners who breach ethical standards. To assist you to understand what Registration entails and some of the challenges in obtaining it we have produced a set of FAQs. You are strongly encouraged to read this before you commence discussions with or lobbying of, others.

Registration FAQs

The AASW has called on ministers to agree to a regulation impact statement (RIS) regarding the registration of social workers. To understand more about this please read the RIS FAQs.

Regulation impact statement (RIS) FAQs

Australian Health Ministers Submission

As part of the campaign actions to date, a submission to Australian Health Ministers, Protecting the health and wellbeing of Australians, has been made to each of the Health and Mental Health Ministers, their shadow counterparts and key Independents in every jurisdiction along with a request to meet with the AASW. Please read through the submission and share this with your social work colleagues and other stakeholders who you think should be aware of our call to be registered.

Protecting the health and wellbeing of Australians

Roy Morgan Market Survey

In 2011, the AASW engaged Roy Morgan to undertake a survey of Australians to better understand what their expectations were when they saw a professional for counselling, including the level of qualifications they should have, who they thought they could complain to about them and if they thought they could be "struck" off if they did something wrong. Some of the results of this survey have been included within the submission to Health Ministers but for a complete summary click here. The results demonstrate that Australians think they have far greater protection against inappropriate and poor practice than they actually have.

The views of Australians regarding regulatory requirements of counsellors and qualified therapists

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