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Branch Management Committees

Branch Management Committees

The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) has nine branches throughout Australia. Each AASW Branch enables members to participate in and benefit from the professional communities in their region.

Branch Management Committee (BMC) members work collaboratively with the Branch President to:


  • Foster a positive workplace culture for AASW staff and help create a positive experience for members
  • Help achieve the objectives specified in the AASW Constitution, Code of Ethics and Strategic Plan
  • Support AASW Branches by regularly attending and actively contributing to BMC meetings and activities
  • Assist in the implementation of strategic initiatives and member activities to promote the AASW
  • Respond to the needs of the AASW’s diverse member community
  • Provide support to Branch activities to reach and engage existing members and attract new members
  • Plan and support AASW Branch operations to ensure relevance
  • Uphold confidentiality of AASW activities and undertakings
  • Ensure compliance with AASW policies and procedures

Elections for Branch Management Committee positions are held annually online with the process starting in August for a 1 November start.  Notice of elections are issued to AASW Members via AASW Publications.

If elected to the BMC through this process, you will be required to serve for a 2 year term.

Occasionally casual vacancies become available and these can be filled between January and June through a nomination process via the local Branch Management Committee.  For more information on this please contact Branch Services via email.